Muslim Bridegroom Ties Turban to Acknowledge Sikh Community’s Help during Delhi Violence


Clarion India

NEW DELHI—A Muslim bridegroom donned a Sikh turban on his wedding in Punjab’s Gidderbaha town in  a symbolic way to show his respect for and gratitude to Sikh traditions. This, after members of Sikh faith came forward to help Muslims during the violence in parts of Delhi.

The video of the wedding ceremony which has gone viral on social media showed the bridegroom and dozens of others in Sikh turban.

According to IANS, Abdul’s father-in-law Saleem Khan said the bridegroom wore the turban to convey a message of communal harmony.

“A Muslim is not identified only by his cap but also by his thoughts. Likewise, a true Sikh’s identity is not only his turban but also his Gursikhi,” he was quoted in the report as saying.

The groom had informed his in-laws about his choice in advance. They supported and approved the choice without any hesitation.  “We were happy with his decision,” the father in law said.

Earlier, Muslim and Sikh communities amicably ended a decade-old land dispute in Saharanpur, by way of Muslims’ gratitude for the role Sikhs played in saving Muslims when Hindu right-wing mobs went berserk and police acted as mute spectators.  A father-son duo from Sikh community were hailed for their heroic role in rescuing and sheltering vulnerable Muslims as violence went on.

“In view of the great service and support rendered by the Sikhs to Muslims in Delhi throughout the protests and most recently during the riots in Delhi, the Masjid committee in Saharanpur decided to give up its claim over the land as a token of gratitude and thanksgiving,” Nizam Pasha, who represented the Muslim side in the Supreme Court, was quoted by the Quint, a news website, as saying.


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