Muslim Activist Denied Flat Due to Her Identity in Delhi; Broker Links It to NRC

Activist Mariya Salim

Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily

NEW DELHI – A Muslim activist and independent journalist Mariya Salim has been denied of a flat for rent, citing her religious identity in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar. The flat broker who was approached by Mariya for the flat has, among other things, linked it to the Prime Minister Modi’s plan to carry out the National Register of Citizens(NRC).

Mariya, on the lookout for a well-furnished flat in the capital, has put out the screenshot of private chats she had with the brokers. One broker can be seen saying. “Ma’am, these people (flat owners) won’t give the flat to Muslims for rent.” “Why so? I’m educated, studied in London, I can pay rent on time. Then, what’s an issue?,” Mariya is seen asking back.

Later, Citing this to Caravan Daily, Mariya said this was not the first time this was happening. There were times she managed to get accommodation on rent in the name of her friends. This time she also has plans to get a flat in her name.

“I have been looking for a flat for 4-5 months. In the beginning, I was not finding one at all. Many brokers and owners were dilly-dallying for long after saying ‘yes’. They used to tell me to take the flat on the third or fourth floor even though I was ready to pay a good sum,” she said.

Mariya, who earlier worked with the human rights group Amnesty International, said she lived in Kolkata’s Muslim ghetto. She dreamt of living in a good locality. She found many such flats but when she approached the concerned agency or individual for a flat, it was not directly denied to her. They held the request in wait and after some time, those flats were rented to others.

“I managed to get three brokers to tell me in writing that they won’t rent me the flats because of my Muslim identity. They say sorry to me after stating that the owners don’t rent flat to Muslims. What to do? One even says over the phone that the Afghani girls living in Delhi are prostitutes. So, other Muslims too are not rented flats,” she said.

Mariya is currently living with her sister in Delhi. She said she has encountered objections in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Shivalik.

This reporter approached one of those brokers to inquire about flats on rent, over phone. At first, he said he was ready to rent out a room. When he was asked about getting a flat in Malviya Nagar for a Muslim, he said it was not possible.

Why are Muslims not rented out a flat in Malviya Nagar? He said, “Bhayyia, there are no rented flat in Malviya Nagar, you can get it in the Extension.”

When asked why so in Malviya Nagar for Muslims, he got angry and said, “You better ask the flat owner. You should also ask Modi ji as to why he is carrying out the NRC? The whole world knows why Muslims don’t get a flat. If you are a Muslim, you know it very well. If you don’t know, go and stand with a banner at Janpath, people will tell you.”


  1. The habits and attitudes of Muslims and people of other religions, especially those of Indic in their foundation, very often conflict with each other. In an apartment complex or a subdivision, these differences manifest themselves in the commons area. This often leads to mutual animosities and violent confrontations. There are no remedies in sight for that.

    Muslims are not the only ones to be denied accommodation. Even within the Hindu communities, in some apartment complexes and subdivisions, non-vegetarians Hindus are denied accommodation. But they do not make such a big issue out of it.

    Ultimately, the owners have the right to discriminate as to who lives on their property.

  2. @Silliam: What a stupid comment, And if you discriminate against muslims or any other minorities for that matter the loss is yours. Try to work your little brain to think why.

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