Mushawarat Talks of Approaching UN, EU Rights Bodies For Justice




By Special Correspondent

NEW DELHI  — All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the apex body of Indian Muslim organizations, has said that if justice is not done to the victims of extrajudicial executions, it may be forced to approach international human rights bodies of the United Nations and European Union for recourse.

Condemning the killing of five Muslim undertrials by the Telangana Police on Tuesday, April 7, in the strongest possible terms, Mushawarat President Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan said that it is a calculated strategy and conspiracy to drive the Muslim youth on the path of extremism and terrorism.

Commenting on the killing of five alleged “SIMI” activists in Nalgonda district of Telangana, in judicial custody, handcuffed and surrounded by an overwhelming police force, he described it as a coldblooded and calculated murder by security forces which are hell-bent on perpetuating a state of fear and insecurity among  the country’s minorities.

Dr. Khan said, “while the political bosses of the NDA government claim that the Indian Muslim community is immune to terrorism, the NIA, IB and other security agencies are working in tandem to push Muslim youth towards extremism and terrorism.” Dr. Khan said the Telangana police is the same force which has earlier framed many Muslim youth and had killed protesters when they came out against the Mecca Masjid blast.

Dr. Khan demanded a high-level judicial probe into the murder of the five alleged “SIMI” activists and the murder of two other alleged “SIMI” activists only three days earlier in the same state.

Dr. Khan said this is another Batla House kind of fake encounter perpetrated by the security agencies at the behest of their political masters. Dr. Khan said, “if we fail to get justice, we will start approaching international human rights organizations like the UN and EU human rights panels and others to ensure justice to the victims of state.”

Jamaat-e-Isalmi, Popular Front Protest Telangana Killings

Meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has strongly condemned and expressed sorrow over the brutal killing of five Muslim prisoners by the police on the way from Warangal jail to Hyderabad court. Nusrat Ali, Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, has demanded immediate arrest of the guilty policemen, registration of cases to punish them and immediate compensation of Rs one crore each to families of the deceased.

Ali said that highly educated Muslim youths have been arrested in the name of terrorism for the last two decades and been killed in fake encounters, and a conspiracy is being hatched to make Muslim community second class citizens of the country by harassing and terrorizing them. “When after long years in jails for no sins of theirs the allegations are not proved in courts and these youths are subsequently acquitted exposing the conspiracies and crimes of intelligence agencies and police, such undertrial youths are being killed by police to hide its anti-constitution terrorism and brutal acts,” he said.

The Jamaat leader said that according to media reports and photos of the encounter, the five Muslim youths were handcuffed or chained to their seats in the police van, which itself clearly exposes the lie of the police that Mohammad Vaqaruddin, Mohammad Hanif, Amjad Ali, Reyaz Khan and Izhar Khan tried snatching weapons from the police.

He strongly demanded the Telangana government immediately arrest the guilty policemen and register murder cases against them. He also demanded a compensation of Rs one crore each to families of the deceased so that the requirements of justice are fulfilled and families of the deceased are consoled.

The Popular Front of India Chairman KM Shareef also strongly condemned the extrajudicial execution of five Muslim youth on Tuesday.

He pointed out that the circumstantial evidence showed that the claim of the Telengana police that they shot dead the prisoners because the prisoners tried to attack police is far-fetched.  It follows the same pattern of earlier fake encounters happened in our country, handcuffed prisoners holding guns who attacked the police yet could do no harm to the police. Besides, the advocates of the deceased tell of an earlier failed attempt to orchestrate this kind of an encounter.  Such incidents are seeding distrust in the minds of people about the police.

KM Shareef demanded a judicial investigation to expose the truth and to bring before justice people played behind the heinous crime.

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