Municipal Workers Dump Dead Body in Garbage Van in UP; Viral Video Triggers Outrage

The dead body of Mohd Anwar, who died on roadside in Balrampur town of Uttar Pradesh, being uploaded in a garbage van in presence of police on Wednesday.

Balrampur police, however, announced on the Twitter suspension of the two police constables who were present at the scene.

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NEW DELHI – A video clip surfaced on the social media shows some municipal workers lifting a dead body lying on the roadside and dumping it in a garbage van in the presence of police officials in Balrampur town of Uttar Pradesh (UP).

Alok Panday, a journalist from UP who posted the video on his Twitter page, identified the deceased as Mohd Anwar who he wrote died on the road outside a government office on Wednesday. He captioned the videos: “Shameful, appalling.”

Taking cognizance of the incident, Balrampur police announced on the Twitter suspension of the two police constables who were present at the scene. The police termed the incident as “insensitive and regrettable”. The tweet added that the four municipality employees have also been found guilty.

The police chief of the district Dev Ranjan Verma has announced “bigger enquiry” into the incident.

The countrywide lockdown, which lasted for nearly 2.5 months, brought unprecedented miseries to the poor and marginalised sections of India. There have been numerous reports of death due to hunger, lack of healthcare, road accidents as people struggled for survival amidst the lockdown enforced with the purpose of controlling the spread of coronavirus. Critics have termed the lockdown “unplanned” even as it was a necessary measure.

The second part of the clip shows an ambulance nearby but Panday says that those manning it allegedly refused to touch the body for fear of contracting the virus.

As soon as the clip surfaced, people started pouring out their outrage. Their common refrain was that it is indeed an inhuman and criminal to handle a human body in such a shabby manner.

As coronavirus cases are seeing a sharp spike, the situation has exposed the dismal healthcare infrastructure in the country. People are asking whether the government has failed to use the lockdown time to gear up for tough days.


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