Mumbai Protesters Blast Centre’s Anti-farmer Laws

Mumbai protest

Thousands of sympathisers of farmers protesting against the draconian laws being imposed by the Central government gathered at Azad Maidan on Saturday afternoon and crticised the anti-farmer policies

Ashok Kumar | Clarion India

MUMBAI – More than 5,000 protesters gathered near the Islam Gymkhana in Mumbai on Saturday afternoon and marched to Azad Maidan, protesting against draconian farm laws imposed by the central government in Delhi.

More than 5,000 people marched to to Azad Maidan in Mumbai on Saturday to protest against contentious farm laws.

Several speakers addressed the gathering at Azad Maidan, while a delegation of leaders of Mumbai With Farmers and Kisan Morcha Mumbai, went to the Raj Bhavan to submit a letter to the governor. Naeem Shaikh, one of the leaders, told Clarion India on Saturday that the governor was not there, but his office received the letter.

Protesters at Azad Maidan.

“It was a peaceful protest against the draconian laws imposed by the central government,” Ubaid-ur-Rahman, another leader of the Kisan Alliance told this correspondent. “Mumbaikar’s raised their voice against the three anti-farmer laws.”

March against contentious farm laws in Mumbai

At Azad Maidan, many of the speaker criticised the Narendra Modi government for its anti-farmer policies, which had resulted in injustice. Farmers have gathered on the outskirts of Delhi for the past few weeks and there has been tremendous response from various groups. The farmers are brazing out the biting cold that has enveloped north India over the past few days.

Protest leaders at the Raj Bhavan in Mumbai.

The speakers focussed on the two major themes at the meeting: No farmers, no food; and Oppose farm laws, support farmers. Later in the evening, the crowd left Azad Maidan in an orderly way. There was strong police security along the route. But there were no untoward incidents reported.




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