Movie Website MUBI India to Stop Ads to OpIndia for Spreading Hate


Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – An online movie theatre website MUBI India has decided not to give ads to the rightwing news website, OpIndia, for spreading hatred against Muslims.

The MUBI India informed about this decision through a tweet after it was brought to their attention that their advertisements are appearing on the website of OpIndia alongside a story that instigates companies not to hire Muslims.

Tagging to Lenovo and MUBI India,  Twitter users Stop Funding Hate and Vikash Mittal shared a screenshot of the hate-filled article titled “Since Halal is Legal, non-Muslims have the right to advertise that they don’t hire Muslims; Here is why?” published on the OpIndia which has advertisements of MUBI and Lenovo gadgets.

“Hello @Lenovo in and @mubiindia Your ads are running on this page which spreads hatred against a particular religion. Are you aware of this? Do you support this hatred? ” tweeted Mittal.

Reacting to this complaint, MUBI India said “Hi — thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re taking care of this now, to ensure this will not happen again.”

This development came to notice after a Twitter handle Stop Funding Hate urged the people to call out the companies which give ads to the propaganda website OpIndia which is known for spreading hatred against minorities.

OpIndia has been called out several times for spreading fake news about the Muslims and other minorities. It publishes such stories which specifically target Muslims and spread propaganda and hate against them. Most recently, the Bihar police lodged a FIR against the website for giving communal color to an incident by making up facts.

On the request of the Stop Funding Hate, Oxford University’s Said Business School also announced that they are also taking action to remove OpIndia from their online advertising list.


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