More Than 95,000 Tweets Posted Against Tarek Fatah; Women Protest Planned in Deoband


Tarek Fatah

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NEW DELHI — More than 95,000 Indian Muslims have protested against the presence in India of a Pakistani fugitive Tarek Fatah who has earned notoriety as one of the most shameless Islamophobes by tweeting on a trending hashtag ArrestTariqFatah.

Usually even six to seven thousand tweets make a hashtag a trend on twitter but for Muslims’ inexperience on twitter #ArrestTarekFatah could become a trend even after 95,000.

In his message from Makkah, Mufti Yaser Nadeem Wajidi, who is there on Umrah pilgrimage and who had initiated the hashtag has thanked the participants. “We should not be disappointed because our hashtag could not become a trend because we believe in our rewards from Allah and surely the rewards for this are with Allah SWT”. He said

An earlier hashtag initiated by Mufti Wajidi trended at number six. Before taking on twitter Mufti Wajidi uploaded eight series of “Fatah ka Fatwa, A Surgical Strike” in which he shattered every allegation made by Tarek Fatah and challenged him for an open debate outside TV studio in the presence of impartial judges.

Trending is the categorization of a hashtag by the social media site Twitter according to the number of participants discussing a topic on Twitter.


The foul mouthed Islamophobe could not control his instincts to swear

The organizers said that seeing the Islamophobe using their hashtag was their biggest success who used it to swear at Muslims but this way “The coward was inadvertently demanding his own arrest.”

As reports are coming from around the country of FIRs being filed against the Pakistani fugitive, a women demonstration has been planned by a girls madrassa Aisha Siddeeqa Qasimul Uloom Banat in the town on coming Monday.


  1. तारिक फतह को भारत सरकार देश से निकाले और इस पर देश की एकता को
    तोड़ने और मुस्लिमो की धार्मिक भावनाओं को ठेस पहुंचाने
    का केश दर्ज करें ये आदमी देश में दंगे भड़का सकता है

  2. Instead of 95,000 tweets if they signed the petition and filed PIL we could got some action from the court.

    This Tweets has only serving the purpose RSS which hired Zee TV and made anchor on its payroll. Zee TV is doing the same things as Shah bano case during VP Singh regime.

    By using ‘Fatah ka fatwa’ Zee TV is secretly doing public concession for RSS interest which want BJP to pass anti ‘Triple talaq’ law.If they succeed in passing the law they will create backlash in minority community and swing the majority vote bank in its favor.

    I would request the responsible Muslim community to write to Canadian government and ask for his citizenship to cancel for creating enmity with proof.

    Tarek who made safe haven in Canada to spew anti islamic stand will need to think so if Canadian government reverse his citizenship.

    At the same time minorities of India should demonstrate peacefully against the Mass media and ask for Supreme court intervention for regulating hatred in digital media.

    Jai Hind

  3. Hum Hindus ki aawaz uthane wala channel ek matra zee news hai sirf inn musalmaano ko taklif hai iss kaaran hum hinduo ka adhikaar chheen liya jaayega agar inko itni hi takleef hai toh yeh kisi aur Islamic country mein kyun nahi jaate duniya mein Islamic country toh kayi hain lekin Hindu ka desh toh ek bhi nahi toh victim toh hum Hindus hain yeh musalmaan khud intolerant hote hain aur saale hum pe ilzaam lagate hain
    inn ki jihad aur intolerance badhta hi jaa raha hai main modi government se appeal karunga ek baar phir se 2002 ka jalwa inko dikhaye innhone hum hinduo ke saare haq chheen rakhe hain pro Muslim parties me zariye aur bjp bhi hamare saath Hinduism ke naam par dhokha kar rahi hai
    Hindu ab kaise bachega bhagwaan hi maalik hai
    Jo musalmaan Hindu se jalte hain woh kisi aur Islamic country mein chale jaayein & our dear prime minister hinduo pe ghum rahe global khatre ko dekhte huay please isay Hindu nation declare kijiye yeh meri haath jod kar vinti hai America mein bhi sirf Hindu marr raha hai trump ke president ban ne ke baad se ek bhi muslim nahi mara aur phir bhi hindutva nahi islam ko khatra hai
    kaise koi samjha sakta hai mujhko ?

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