Modi’s Remarks on Muslims’ Voting Choice Come in For Severe Criticism


In an interview with Times Now, the prime minister asked the Muslim community to do self-introspection. The remarks were repeated by him in his post on X platform.

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NEW DELHI — Political leaders, activists and journalists have severely criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for urging Muslims to refrain from playing a role in the victory and defeat of any political party. 

In an interview with Times Now on Monday, the prime minister asked the Muslim community to do self-introspection. The remarks were repeated by the prime minister in his post on his X handle while sharing a clip of the interview.

“For the first time, I am asking the Muslim community to introspect. If you keep thinking about who to put in power and who to remove, you will only ruin the future of your children,” posted Modi.

In the interview, he asked the minority community to look into the faults of its society and claimed that the community members did not receive the required government benefits under the Congress rule. “Have you been affected by this hapless situation under the Congress regime? Do introspect,” he said.

He asserted the importance and rise of yoga in Arab countries while criticising the opposition to the exercise regime within the country.

He also described the situation of Muslims as “bonded labourers” while suggesting that Muslims are being made to be afraid of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He asked Muslims to flood the BJP offices and take over them to clear their apprehension about the party.

The prime minister’s remarks came a couple of weeks after he referred to Muslims as “infiltrators” and “the people who have many children” during an election rally in Rajasthan’s Banswara. Later, he also made Islamophobic remarks such as “vote jihad” and “Jihadi voters”.

Usman Ghani, a Muslim leader associated with the BJP in Rajasthan’s Bikaner, was expelled and arrested when he criticised the controversial speech made by Modi.

The prime minister’s remarks in the Times Now interview did not go well with several concerned individuals reminding him of his anti-Muslim tirade in election rallies.

Rajya Sabha MP Imran Pratapgarhi, who is also a chairman of the Congress minority cell, reminded Modi of his remarks and hate speeches under his rule.

“Prime Minister Ji, when will you introspect? You are talking about Arab countries. You should introspect that you love Muhammad bin Salman of Arab country a lot but you consider Muhammad and Salman of your own country as infiltrators? Just think once, how do you target Muslims to get votes in every election,” said Pratapgarhi.

He added: “Ask your conscience once how much the hatred against Muslims has increased during your 10 years in power. Just think once why do you follow social media accounts which abuse Muslims day and night”.

Commenting on his remarks about playing a role in the victory and defeat of any party, Journalist Shoaib Daniyal said “Remarkable that this “warning” that Muslims are trying to choose their government is taking place alongside widespread reports that Muslims are being denied the vote in UP. Choosing one’s government is a natural right. It cannot be denied”.

Pointing to the remarks, Journalist Suhasini Haider said “Seems hard to believe that winning an election is worth this divisive way of speaking by the leader of the country.”

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