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Modi Faces Backlash over Mahatma Gandhi’s Global Recognition Remark

NEW DELHI — Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent statement suggesting that Mahatma Gandhi was largely unknown to the world until the release of the 1982 film “Gandhi” has ignited a wave of criticism and disbelief across social media platforms.

During an interview with a news channel, Modi remarked that the movie, directed by Richard Attenborough and featuring Ben Kingsley in the titular role, played a pivotal role in introducing Gandhi to a global audience, Vartha Bharati reported.

This assertion has been met with widespread opposition from politicians, historians, and public figures, who pointed to Gandhi’s well-documented international influence long before the film’s release.

Critics highlighted Gandhi’s global prominence, which was established through his leadership in the Indian independence movement and his advocacy for non-violent resistance. They noted his impact on international leaders and movements, such as the Civil Rights Movement in the United States, led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.

Prominent personalities and social media users shared historical evidence of Gandhi’s international recognition, citing his numerous speeches, writings, and meetings with world leaders, which cemented his status as a global icon of peace and non-violence.

Politicians across the spectrum voiced their disapproval of the Prime Minister’s remarks. Opposition leaders accused Modi of undermining Gandhi’s legacy and misrepresenting historical facts. They emphasized that Gandhi’s philosophy and actions had inspired countless individuals and movements worldwide well before the 1982 biographical film brought his story to a new generation.

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