Modi’s Oratory Cannot Fill Stomach of Poor: Sonia Gandhi


UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi went all guns blazing against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday saying that his speeches cannot fill empty stomachs.

VIJAYAPURA, Karnataka (IANS) — UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday made a strong attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of being intolerant and also that the stomach of the poor cannot be filled by his oratory.

Addressing a rally here hours after Modi spoke, she lashed out at his government, saying it had discriminated against Karnataka.

“Modiji is besotted with Congress-free India. Leave Congress-free India, he cannot even tolerate anyone in front of him,” Gandhi said in her first rally in about two years. 

She said Modi may be a good speaker but speeches alone cannot solve problems of the people.

“He (Modi) is proud of his oratory skills. If his oratory can fill hungry stomachs, he must speak more often. Speeches cannot fill the stomach of the hungry. Speeches cannot empower women, cure those suffering from diseases, it cannot create employment. For all this you need strong commitment, determination and good intention,” she said. 

Lauding the Siddaramaiah government for its initiatives concerning the poor and the farmers, she urged people to defeat the BJP over its “jumlas”.

“BJP people come, make false promises, create hatred and return. I know that you will unmask each of their jumlas and form a Congress government with clear majority,” Gandhi said in her brief speech.

She said that ending corruption was among tall promises of Modi but he had failed to appoint a Lokpal. 

Gandhi also targeted Modi over allegations concerning Reddy brothers and about spurt in turnover of a company linked to BJP chief Amit Shah’s son Jay Shah.

“What is his model of ending corruption. Wherever he addresses rallies in Karnataka, there are people around him. Will you adopt their model or you will adopt model of your closest associate,” she said.

She said Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had sought time to meet Modi but an appointment was not given.

“He (Modi) has insulted the people of Karnataka. It is surprising that states which faced drought were given crores of rupees but Karnataka was given the least. This was like adding salt to the injury of farmers of Karnataka. Is this your ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikas’?” she asked. 

Claiming that the Modi government over the past four years had carried out only one task – of ending the good works of the UPA government, she accused him of speaking lies and distorting historical facts.

“The country is shocked at PM Modi’s wrongful statements and at his attempts at using the legacy of our freedom fighters for political gains,” she said.


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