Modi Maliciously Twists Rahul’s Statements to Inflame Communal Prejudices, Alleges Congress


Modi’s exit is inevitable and his realisation of that is making him more and more desperate, says Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh

NEW DELHI — The Congress on Sunday hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his “insulted maharajas but silent on atrocities of sultans” attack on Rahul Gandhi, saying he “maliciously twists” every statement of the former Congress chief to inflame communal prejudices and passions.

The opposition party’s remarks came after Modi on Sunday accused Gandhi of insulting India’s rajas and maharajas but remaining silent on the atrocities committed by nawabs, nizams, sultans and badshahs for the sake of appeasement politics, PTI reported.

Hitting back at the prime minister, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said Modi has gone beyond being pathetic.

“He maliciously and mischievously twists every statement of Rahul Gandhi to inflame, incite and ignite communal prejudices and passions,” Ramesh said in a post on X.

“His (Modi’s) exit is inevitable and his realisation of that is making him more and more desperate. His campaign speeches are really shameful,” Ramesh said.

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