Modi Govt cannot Wash Their Hand of Security Failure by Manufactured Allegations: Congress


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NEW DELHI –   Continuing its stinging attacks on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP on Chinese intrusion, Congress on Friday said  “Diversion”, “Disinformation” and “Distraction” is the “diabolical” hallmark of the BJP and Modi government when they are exposed and caught lying on issues of national security and integrity.

Congress alleged that PM Modi has deliberately misled the nation on the issue of Chinese transgressions and the brazen occupation of our territory.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala has provided all the graphic details of the Chinese incursions at LAC to punch the hole into the claims of PM Modi.

“Unmistakable facts in the public domain are that the Chinese have committed grave transgressions in the Galwan Valley including at PP-14, where our 20 Jawans were martyred on June 15th-16th, 2020,” he said adding that Chinese have reoccupied PP-14 and established tents and other structures.

“Chinese forces have also transgressed between Finger 4 to Finger 8 in Pangong Tso Lake Areas and constructed a huge number of hostile structures and bunkers.”

Congress leader said the latest act of illegal Chinese incursion is in Depsang Plains where the Chinese have intruded 18 km across the LAC into our territory up to Y-Junction, also known as “Bottleneck”

He accused BJP president, a section of media and certain allies of the ruling party of suppressing facts.

“To suppress these facts, BJP President Shri JP Nadda, Modi Government and their puppet allies in the media have unleashed a diabolical design of disinformation, distraction and diversion from the real issue of Chinese incursions and restoration of status quo ante, which is the solemn duty of the Modi Government.”

BJP President and the Modi Government keep referring to a 2005 grant of Rs. 1.45 crores received from Embassy of China to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

He also made it clear that the grant was received for the purpose (i) Disabled Persons Welfare Programme; and (ii) Research on Sino-India relationships.

This grant was used for the purposes specified. RGF accounts were duly audited and statutory returns were filed under Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) to the Government of India, he said and added that “This grant has been duly reflected in all filings to the income tax and the Home Ministry and no authority has ever found any wrongdoing of any nature”.

He said PM Modi’s total failure to protect national security and territorial integrity of India cannot be washed away in the cacophony of manufactured allegations.

“We want to tell PM Modi and BJP President JP Nadda that their total failure to protect national security and territorial integrity of India cannot be washed away in the cacophony of manufactured and desperate allegations vis-à-vis grants received by the RGF foundation which has been duly audited and reported both to the Income Tax as also to the Home Ministry.”


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