11-year-old Tabarak Pedals 900 km to Reach Parents Home

Tabark, a student of Class IV, said, “We embarked on the journey because of the compulsion of food.”

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A video featuring an 11-year-old boy who cycled 900 kms to take his parents from Varanasi to their home in Araria, Bihar has gone viral. Mohammed Tabarak had no option but to pull them on his rickshaw to reach the destination as the transport services are suspended because of the unprecedented lockdown in the country in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic.

The video clip, which is a few days old, shows Tabarak pedalling his rickshaw on a highway while his parents are sitting on the back of the carrier. The excruciatingly arduous journey took them nine days to reach their home in Jogihat, Chirammpanchayat Udhahaat in Araria.

Days before the lockdown commenced, Tabark, a student of Class IV,  had traveled to Varanasi along with his mother  to look after his father Mohammad Israfeel who worked at a marble shop in the city where he injured his foot when a stone hit him.

Recounting the hardship the family encountered during the journey, Tabarak told a media outlet that seeing people walking home on highways motivated him to continue the journey.

“We embarked on the journey because of the compulsion of food,” Tabarak says in a video. “We had no money to refill the cooking gas cylinder.”

The family had carried the food from Varanasi that they ate on way home.

Israfeel had to take the tough decision as there was no transport service available while they were struggling to make ends meet due to lack of work in Varanasi. “We thought if we stayed back we might still die. So, why not undertake a journey. God gave us the support,” he said.

Tabarak is fifth among six siblings. He says they will go back to Varanasi for work once the lockdown ends.


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