Mob Lynching, Targeting of Muslims Due to Weak Leadership: MLA Akhtarul Iman


Political condemnation falls short as incidents of violence against Muslims escalate, calls for stronger Muslim leadership emerge.

Mohammad Alamullah

NEW DELHI – All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul-Muslimeen (AIMIM) leader and MLA from Bihar, Akhtarul Iman, condemned the escalating incidents of mob lynching and targeted violence against Muslims across India. Citing a decade-long trend under BJP-led governments, Iman expressed deep concern over the lack of protection and justice for Muslims, accusing political parties, including the ruling BJP, of perpetuating abuse against the community.

“Since the last decade, there has been a continuous increase in injustices and atrocities against Muslims under the BJP-led central and state governments,” stated Akhtarul Iman in an exclusive interview with Clarion India.

He condemned the rise in mob violence and targeted killings, citing incidents under the pretext of ‘Love Jihad’ and the demolition of Muslim places of worship, shops, and settlements by government authorities and extremist groups.

Iman pointed out the deep-rooted Hindutva ideology that fuels communal tensions and asserted, “It is the responsibility of state and central governments to protect the lives, property, honor, and safety of all citizens. However, Muslims continue to be targeted to instill fear and secure Hindu votes.”

Highlighting recent incidents, Iman referenced the brutal mob lynching of Muhammad Farid alias Aurangzeb in Aligarh on the second day of Eid-ul-Adha. “Instead of ensuring justice, political entities like RSS, BJP, and Bajrang Dal are seen protecting the accused,” he lamented, criticising the administration’s inaction in arresting the perpetrators.

Regarding the case of Aurangzeb, who was posthumously implicated in a criminal case after his lynching, Iman demanded swift justice. “I demand the immediate arrest and stringent punishment of all involved,” he asserted, calling for a high-level inquiry into the handling of the case by local authorities.

Iman also called upon the Congress Party and its leader Rahul Gandhi to voice their support against mob lynching incidents, stressing the historical support of Muslims for the Congress. “Muslims have consistently voted for the Congress, and now is the time for them to stand up and speak out against these atrocities,” he urged.

In response to questions about AIMIM’s role, Iman reiterated their commitment to advocating for Muslim rights. “AIMIM stands firm against such injustices and will continue to raise its voice,” he affirmed. Emphasising the need for strong Muslim leadership, Iman concluded, “Until Muslims develop their own leadership, incidents like these will persist. It’s time for us to take charge and protect our community.”

Iman emphasized the urgency for Muslims to cultivate robust leadership within their own ranks to counter systemic discrimination. “Until Muslims establish strong leadership, they will remain vulnerable to such atrocities,” he cautioned, advocating for proactive measures to empower the community politically and socially.

As incidents of mob violence continue unabated, Akhtarul Iman’s call for leadership and justice resonates amidst growing apprehension within India’s Muslim community.

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