Members Have Freedom to Express Views in House, Says LS Speaker amid BJP Outrage against Rahul


MANAMA (BAHRAIN) – Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has said that India has a robust participatory democracy along with a vibrant multi-party system where hopes and aspirations of the citizens find expression through the elected representatives.

“All members (MPs) enjoy the freedom to express their views and thoughts in Lok Sabha,” Birla said during the General Debate at the 146th Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) here in Bahrain capital.

The 146th Assembly of the IPU is being held in Manama from March 11-15.

Birla’s remarks are being seen as a response to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who had alleged that mics were put off when Opposition members speak. The Lok Sabha Speaker, however, did not mention the former Congress president’s name.

Reiterating India’s long-standing view that all “global issues should be resolved peacefully through dialogue”, he said “the Parliament of India has always held extensive and meaningful debates and deliberations on contemporary global challenges such as climate change, gender equality, sustainable development and the Covid-19 pandemic”.

He emphasised that global institutions propagating peace, harmony and justice are crucial for peace, prosperity, sustainability and a just world order.

Birla said that in global institutions like the UN Security Council, there is a broad consensus among many nations to bring about reforms to reflect the realities of a rapidly changing world order.

The Lok Sabha Speaker also stressed that “reform in the UN Security Council cannot be delayed any further”.

He said that it is crucial that the subject is included in future global agendas so that “we could contribute more and more to addressing challenges such as climate change, sustainable development, poverty, gender equality and terrorism”.

He said India is leading the world in the articulation of Global Climate Action Plan to combat the issue of climate change.

Observing that India has always given the message of peace and harmony to the entire world, Birla reiterated India’s belief that “building an inclusive and tolerant society is only possible through peaceful coexistence, mutual discussions and dialogue”.

He said “our Parliament have a decisive role to play in this regard”.

Birla also exhorted the world community to come together to build a better future for humanity. -IANS


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