Mehbooba Stages Sit-In at Jantar Mantar Demanding End to Killing of Civilians


Chose Delhi to protest because not allowed to do so in the valley, says former CM of J&K

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI – Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Mehbooba Mufti along with a handful of supporters on Monday held an hour-long sit-in at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar against the alleged repression by the Modi government in Jammu and Kashmir.

Demanding an end to the killing of civilians, Mufti said she chose to stage the protest in New Delhi since she was never allowed to hold a protest demonstration in Kashmir by the authorities.

“Kashmir has become a prison where people are not allowed to express their opinion. They are being repressed since August 2019 and what surprises me is how the government is busy portraying that everything was hunky-dory in the valley with the help of some of the paid media,” news agency PTI quoted her telling reporters.

Mufti, who heads People’s Democratic Party (PDP), held a placard which read “Kashmir is in pain”.

Making a reference to Nagaland killings where police immediately filed an FIR against army, the former CM asked, “Why does the same not happen in Kashmir as well? Though I do not have much hope that anything is going to come out of these enquiries but still the government is seen acting.”

She also alleged that corruption was rampant in Jammu and Kashmir and locals are deprived of jobs.

“I have come here to tell the people of this country that if they don’t wake up even now, the day is not far when the nation of (Mahatma) Gandhi and (BR) Ambedkar will get converted into (Nathuram) Godse’s country and after that we all will be helpless,” she said.


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