Tabligh Episode: Media Hate Storm Triggers Attacks on Muslims Across India

Muslim men being attacked in Karnataka

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – The partisan coverage of the Tablighi Jamaat episode by the mainstream media is leading to attacks on Muslims and mosques across the country.

Vigilantes mobs associated with the right-wing Hindu groups are back in action in places forcing shutdown of Muslim shops and barring Muslims’ entry in some places, thrashing members of the Tablighi Jamaat and even the volunteers feeding the hungry.

In Delhi’s Alipur, a mosque was vandalised and partially burnt by a mob of around 200 on the night of April 3. This has instilled fear in the Muslims of the area. The Delhi Minority Commission has sent a notice to the Delhi Police with a demand to take cognizance of the matter and book the culprits immediately.

In Gurgaon’s Dhankot Village, three men opened fire on a mosque at midnight of April 14. Police arrested four persons in the case. The accused told the police that they were concerned about the COVID-19 cases coming from the Nizamuddin Markaz.

In Delhi’s Harweli village, 22-year-old Dilshad was thrashed by a mob when he was making video of Sunday’s Diya Jalao event in Manohar colony.  The youth, who had returned from Bhopal’s Tablighi congregation, was beaten up accusing him of a conspiracy to spread coronavirus in the country.

The Police have registered an FIR and arrested three accused – Naveen Kumar, Prashant Kumar and Pramod Kumar – in connection with the violence. However, what is intriguing is that they filed an FIR against the victim too.

Meanwhile, a video surfaced on the social media wherein a resident of Delhi’s Shashtri Nagar was shown stating that they have decided not to allow Muslims in their society and they would ascertain the identity of the vendors by their Aadhar cards.

In Uttarkhand’s Haldwani, two vigilantes forced a fruit vendor to shut his shop and take it elsewhere after confirming that he was a Muslim. The vigilantes told the vendors that if they found any Muslim setting up his shop in their locality, inform them.

The same vigilantes went to another vendor in that area and checked his identity cards. They inquired from the vendor if any Muslim had set up his shop around the place.

According to Hindi daily, Amarujala, a case has been registered against six persons in connection with the intimidation of Muslim vendor after the video went viral.

On April 6, five persons, including two non-Muslims were attacked allegedly by some RSS activists for distributing food to the hungry.  Syed Tabrez, Junaid, Riyaz, Firoz, Kiran and Amjad were assaulted when they were distributing essential supplies in Dasaharalli slum accusing them of poisoning the food items.

In Karnataka’s Bagalakote, a mob humiliated and assaulted Muslim men on April 6 they went to the bank of Krishna River. The police declined to lodge an FIR in connection with the case saying no one came up to lodge complaint against the culprits.

In Karantaka’s Belagavi, two mosques were attacked at 9 pm on April 6. The culprits entered a mosque and heckled the imam. Two separate cases were registered in these incidents and nine accused were arrested. The reason they cited for the attack was that the mosques did not turn off light at 9 am in deference to a call given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.




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