Mathura: Dossa Vendor and  Biryani Seller Attacked by Extremists

mob attacked a dosaseller in Mathura on August 18

The mob accuses the vendor of indulging in ‘economic Jihad’

Zafar Aafaq | Clarion India

NEW DELHI — A group of Hindu extremists have assaulted a Dosa vendor in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, reveals a video that surfaced on the internet on Friday.

After the video started doing rounds on social media, the local police announced that they have taken note of the matter and action is being taken.

Mathura Police said on Twitter that the incident took place on August 18.

This is the second such incident in Mathura with a gap of one day. On August 19, another video had surfaced in which a Muslim biryani vendor was shown being threatened.

The PRO of the Superintendent of Police Mathura told Clarion India that the Dosa cart is owned by a person named Raul and the accused misbehaved with the vendor under the influence of alcohol. Clarion India could not independently ascertain the identity of the vendor.

The video was first posted live on Facebook by certain Devraj Pandit who is heard asking the vendor to name his food stall after Allah and not after Hindu gods. “All Hindu brothers will come to this stall thinking this stall is run by a Hindu, he tells the vendor in an intimidating tone.

The group vandalises the cart of the vendor as they shout slogans laced with Hindutva ideology: “Krishna bhakt ab yudh karo, Mathura ko bhi shudh karo (Devotees of Krishna wage war, help purify Mathura).”

The mob accuses the vendor of indulging in ‘economic Jihad’ a conspiracy theory peddled by Hindu extremists claiming that Muslims do business in Hindu areas while denying Hindus the same opportunity. “Hindus don’t get employed because of people like him,” Devraj says in the video.

Pandit had also posted another video on August 19 where he is seen warning a Muslim biryani vendor to remove his cart from the spot near a temple in Mathura. The caption of the video is full of abuses and hate towards Muslims:

When Clarion India asked the Mathura SPO’s PRO about the action in this incident, he said that they have not come across the video yet and will look into it before making any comments.


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