Massive Outrage After BJP MP Calls Muslim MP ‘Terrorist, Circumcised’ During LS Debate


The opposition lawmakers demanded an apology from Ramesh Bidhuri; Owaisi says Indian Muslims are being subjected to treatment similar to what the Jews experienced under Hitler’s regime

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NEW DELHI –Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Ramesh Bidhuri stooped to derogatory comments directed against Bahujan Samajwadi Party (BSP) MP Danish Ali, calling him “terrorist” and “circumcised” besides belittlingly referring to him as a ‘Mullah’, triggering massive outrage across the political spectrum.

A video clip of the distressing incident has gone viral where Bidhuri repeatedly called Ali a “terrorist” even as other BJP parliamentarians, including Harsh Vardhan and Ravi Shankar Prasad, can be seen laughing at the comments with a grin on their faces. The video has gone viral across the social media platform, exacerbating the already polarized atmosphere of the country. 

According to news agency PTI, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla warned Bidhuri of “strict action” if this happens again, but did not say anything about action taken this time.

The outrage erupted after TMC MP Mahua Moitra posted the video on X, formerly known as Twitter. Bhiduri, who represents south Delhi parliamentary seat, made the Islamophobic references during a debate on the success of Chandrayan.

“Oye Barwe, Ugrawadi, Katwe… He is a terrorist. This mulla is a terrorist. I will see this mullah outside the house,” Bhiduri can be seen shouting at Ali while the Speaker is asking Ali to sit down.

Posting the video, firebrand MP Moitra said that abusing Muslims is a culture in the BJP, which many people don’t consider wrong. “@narendramodi has reduced Indian Muslims to living in such a state of fear in their own land that they grin & bear everything,” tweeted TMC MP.

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi said that these remarks are not surprising and the BJP has stooped to a new low. “I have full faith that no action will be taken against him. There is a possibility that he can be appointed as the chief of BJP’s Delhi unit,” derided Owaisi. The Hyderabad MP said that Muslims in India are being treated as the Jews were treated in Germany during Hitler’s regime.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) said that Bidhuri should be arrested, as parliamentary privilege cannot extend to hate speech.

Prominent journalist Rajdeep Sardesai said that such remarks are being made inside the parliament first time. “Ramesh Bidhuri has brought down parliament’s image to a new low. Yeh kaise ‘sanskar’ bhai? What’s the use of a new building when this is the level of discourse of our MPs? And why is one of our more sober politicians and former minister Dr Harsh Vardhan laughing? Awful. Shameful,” tweeted Sardesai.

Meanwhile, Ali said that he could not sleep last night and he was mentally disturbed after these remarks were made against him. Ali broke down in front of the camera while talking about the incident with the NDTV.

Ali wrote to Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla demanding to refer the matter to the privilege committee. “During the course of his speech, he directed the most foul, abusive, invectives against me which are part of the record of the Lok Sabha…I therefore intend to give this Notice under rule 222, 226, 227 of the rules of procedure and conduct of business in Lok Sabha and direction of Speaker against Shri Ramesh Bidhuri, MP,” Ali wrote.

“I request you to kindly refer this matter to the committee of privileges under rule 227 of the rules of procedure and conduct of business in Lok Sabha for examination, investigation and Report. Since this is the only way out to discipline an experienced member so that the atmosphere of our country is not vitiated any further,” Ali demanded.

Some people even criticized two BJP leaders Harshvardh and Prasad for laughing when such slurs were being passed by Bhiduri.

“Two former Union Cabinet Ministers, Ravi Shankar Prasad and Dr Harsh Vardhan, shamelessly gleeful at the hate speech made by their party colleague Ramesh Bidhuri yesterday in the Lok Sabha. They deserve as much condemnation as the most awful Bidhuri himself. This is the shameful level to which BJP under Modi-Shah has fallen,” said Congress secretary Jairam Ramesh.

Meanwhile, BJP leader and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh apologised immediately after the remarks. “He apologised to the House as the Deputy Leader and ensured the smooth functioning of the proceedings,” a source in the BJP said. The opposition lawmakers urged the chair to expunge the remarks and demanded an apology from Bidhuri.


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