Manipur Burns, EU Parliament Discusses it But PM Modi Hasn’t Said a Word: Rahul


NEW DELHI — Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the situation in Manipur and the European Parliament discussing it, saying he has not uttered a word on either of these.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh, who has been attacking the government over its handling of the situation in Manipur, also slammed the Centre, reports PTI.

Taking to Twitter, Gandhi said, “Manipur burns. EU Parliament discusses India’s internal matter. PM hasn’t said a word on either!”

“Meanwhile, Rafale gets him a ticket to the Bastille Day Parade,” he added.

Targeting the Centre, Ramesh said, “In January 1977 Richard Nelson a noted economist at Yale University published a very influential essay called The Moon and the Ghetto. It became required reading for people like me in graduate school. Nelson poses the question: why is it that a technologically dynamic America is able to land man on the moon but is unable to meaningfully address its problems at home especially in the inner cities.”

“It is a deeply thought-provoking analysis not without its relevance to us too,” the Congress leader said.

“We can go to the moon but are unable or unwilling to deal with the basic issues our people face at home. An Indian version of the Nelson essay may read, The Moon and Manipur,” Ramesh added, according to the report.

India on Thursday described as a reflection of a “colonial mindset” a resolution adopted at the European Parliament on the situation in Manipur.

External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said such interference in India’s internal affairs is “unacceptable”.

Manipur has been witnessing violent clashes, especially between the Kuki and the Meitei communities for close to two months. Opposition parties have accused the government of failing to contain the violence.

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