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Makkah Wall Collapse Kills Five Workers

Civil defense and construction workers used heavy equipment to dig for workers buried under a collapsed retaining wall at a construction project in Makkah on Wednesday. (AN photo by Ahmad Hashad)

By Ahmad Hashad | Arab News

MAKKAH — At least five construction workers were confirmed dead on Wednesday when a retaining wall at the Jebel Kaaba project in the holy city of Makkah collapsed, the Civil Defense Department said.

Civil Defense rescuers and other workers, using heavy equipment, have managed so far to recover the bodies of five victims from the under sand and concrete that were used as retaining wall.

Word has it that about 20 people remained trapped under collapsed wall and the search was continuing.

The nationalities of the dead and missing workers have yet to be announced.

Officials said an investigation was being made to find out why the 15-meter high retaining wall collapsed.
Massive construction work is going on in Makkah, including the expansion of the Grand Mosque and related projects to accommodate the increasing number of pilgrims coming to Islam’s holiest city.

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