Making Sense of German Attacks – Cui Bono?


1 Hitler
Lutz Bachmann, the Pegida founder, proudly depicting himself as Hitler on his Facebook post. He has a criminal record for sixteen burglaries, drunk driving, dealing with cocaine and assaults.

Cui Bono, meaning ‘to whose profit,’ is a key forensic question in legal and police investigations: finding out who has a motive for a crime by carefully examining who will benefit the most. Tazeen Hasan examines who is the actual beneficiary of the terror attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe?


[dropcap]T [/dropcap]he German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out the reversal of her open-door migrant policy despite a fierce backlash after it emerged that two recent terror attacks and a third killing were carried out by men who had entered the country as refugees. Notably, the Munich killer that claimed 10 lives including himself was influenced by the far right ideology of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik who killed 74 people at a vacation resort in 2011.

The responsibility of axe attack and backpack bomb incident has been accepted by ISIS but no one is killed in these incidents except the alleged attackers themselves. But all of the four attacks are seen as a consequence of Merkel’s open-door policy. Merkel’s opponents, the political right and Neo-Nazi ultranationalists organization like Pediga are using every measure to incite hate and intolerance against asylum seekers. Consequently, violence against refugees has risen to unprecedented heights.

aptopix-norway-breivik (1)
Munich killer that claimed 10 lives including himself was influenced by the far right ideology of right-wing mass murderer Anders Breivik who killed 74 tourists at a vacation resort in 2011 but a vast majority of Germans are still made to believe that recent violence is a consequence of refugee arrival. (@Picture courtesy CBC)

Anti-refugee parties, be it Pegida, AFD or NDP are openly using Nazi slogans without thinking that this ideology has ruined Germany in the past. Recently Bachmann posted a self-caricature of himself on Facebook depicting himself as Hitler with a caption, “He is back.”


Following the accusations of Cologne sex violence erupted against Muslims. Kebab shops and cars were burned. Scenes of smashed windows are reminiscent of the anti-Semitic Kristallnacht attacks in Nazi Germany and parts of Austria in 1938
Following the accusations of Cologne sex assaults,  violence erupted against Muslims. Kebab shops and cars were burned. Scenes of smashed windows are reminiscent of the anti-Semitic Kristallnacht attacks in Nazi Germany and parts of Austria in 1938

Right-wing politicians need to understand  that open-door policy is not charity for the humanitarian cause but an investment in Germany’s future. Germany has one of the lowest birth-rates in the world and the imbalance between old and young population is threatening the economic survival. The Cultural landscape of Germany is definitely changing but Germans and on the whole Europe need to learn to celebrate human values of tolerance and diversity for their own survival. The clash of civilization rhetoric will ruin our beautiful world.


2. merkel
Merkel’s opponents are exploiting her funny pictures clad in Burka during demonstrations. Note Khilafat-e-Hamburg as her city on this fake ID-card.

It should be noted that three out of the four attacks that have rattled German society took place in Bavaria. Is it a coincidence that Horst Seehofer, the premier of Bavaria, despite being an ally, is considered to be the fiercest opponent of Merkel and one who had even threatened to file a constitutional complaint against Merkel over her migrant policy.  He had also sent a busload of refugees back to Berlin to show his annoyance over the refugee issue. Seehofer’s anti-refugee stance is not something new, that emerged after the terrorist attacks. His statement against Arab and Turk migrants had been strongly criticized  widely as early as 2010.

Apart from the recent attacks, Cologne rape scandal also fueled hatred and right wing successfully exploited it in March Elections. Is it also a coincidence that all of a sudden, the not as yet settled migrants from Syria and elsewhere got mad and began a spate of violent attacks despite Merkel’s welcoming attitude towards them and her guarantees that they would get asylum?  Do the Syrian refugees have any particular score to settle in Germany?

On the contrary, even a child can understand that they have every reason to bend over backwards to cooperate with the German government and the civil administration. Instead of investigating who is getting the benefit of these attacks, media is repeated Neo-Nazi rhetorics and accusations against refugees ad nauseam.

Among the winners, one group may be the political rivals of Merkel, as these attacks that have rocked Germany recently, have suspiciously occurred just three months prior to the September elections, and their timing could not have been politically more than ideal. Moreover, they took place at a time when Merkel’s popularity graph had risen to a record high in the last two years due to Brexit.

Merkel can be truly considered one of the most powerful European politicians in history. Her writ runs far beyond Germany’s borders. No wonder the anti-migrant organisation and media are making good are using the  four  closely spaced violent attacks as a proof of the failure of her open-door migrant policy.

But the greatest winner in this charade of on order terrorism is a group of anti-refugee Neo-Nazi racist organisations whose popularity rockets to unimaginable heights followings any terror attack in the west. These racist parties have reacted violently against the asylum seekers even to the extent of concocting stories of rape attacks by migrants.

The German-Russian teenager admitted that rape story was concocted but Russian embassy Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov demanded a full explanation from German authorities
The German-Russian teenager admitted that rape story was concocted but Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov demanded a full explanation from German authorities

This is evident from the concocted and totally fabricated story of a 13-year-old Russian-German girl. The girl has admitted making up a story about being kidnapped and raped by Arab and North African migrants in a case that triggered a furor in Germany and briefly embroiled Berlin police in a spat with the Kremlin.

This gives strength to the skepticism that the reports of the Cologne rape scandal were also fabricated  and faked  by  Pegida and workers of its clone organization.

It is much more than ludicrous to claim the possibility of about 1000 men belonging to a specific, marginalized community like asylum seekers collectively attacking German ladies in public at the city’s busy railway station on a specific evening.  According to a BBC reports  from local and international newspapers, the situation in a neighbouring German city was completely different according to the police.

Four million Syrian are staying in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Canada and elsewhere. Yet there is not a single allegation of rape or sexual assault from any corner of the world. Zaatari refugee camp for Syrian refugees in Jordan which only contains a population of 80,000 out of the 1.3 million in the country.

Four million Syrian have taken refuge outside the borders of Syria, thanks to US policies of backing the Syrian rebellion and covert financing of radical Jihadist organisations like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. Turkey alone has more than 1.7 million Syrian refugees, yet there has not been a single complaint of sexual assault by migrants from any corner of the world.

But then why only the ladies of Cologne have complained about  such shameful attacks by refugees? Needless to say, such incident can only happen if  the attacks are fabricated in an organized way.

Are Arab and African refugees culturally and morally inclined to such depraved propensities? According to news reports, one of the complaints from German teachers about Muslim men is that they are reserved and shy and do not want to sit near Christian girls.  Nevertheless, this scandal achieved its targets sharply of  hardening of attitudes towards Merkel’s open door policy.

Pegida was founded by Lutz Bachmann, as a facebook group. Bachmann exploited the perceived German fears of migrants. He has been convicted of several crimes and has a criminal record for sixteen burglaries, drunk driving, dealing with cocaine and assaults. In 1998, after he had been sentenced to several years  in prison, he fled to South Africa but was deported back to Germany. Read Excellent Coverage of Der Speigel over the rise of Pegida

Initially, Pegida’s calls for demonstrations never attracted more than a few hundred people. At many instances, it was noted that pro-refugees counter-Pediga demonstrations were attended by more people than Pediga. But things changed after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris in January 2015, and a record 25000 citizens attended Pediga demonstration in the city of Dresden. It was an ideal time for such a false flag operation that ended European sympathies for Muslim refugees. Needless to say that the main beneficiaries of the Charlie attack were extreme right political parties throughout Europe and Pediga was on top of them.

Charlie Hebdo was an ideal time for a false flag attack that became a key factor for the rise of anti-refugee Neo-Nazi Pediga
Charlie Hebdo was an ideal time for a false flag attack that became a key factor for the rise of anti-refugee Neo-Nazi Pediga force.
Hooligan attacked police, injured 49 Police officers, flipped a police Van and damage property in 2014. 

In Cologne, 400 anti-right-wing activists belonging to a group “Hooligans Against Salafists” (HoGeSa) attacked police, injured 49 Police officers, flipped a police Van and damage property.  Ironically, the group belongs to the German soccer league that has some of the highest average stadium attendance in the world. Not surprisingly, the venue of this rampage was also Cologne which was later to become the venue of alleged collective sexual assaults on New Year’s eve.

The mainstream ultranationalist parties are not an exception in this race of violence. In July this year, Right-wing extremists of National Democratic party, NDP attacked during an anti-refuge demonstration and several counter-demonstrators were seriously injured.

Ulrich Lilie, operator of Aasylum seeker shelter
“We are witnessing the worst wave of racist and right-wing violence in 20 years,” said Ulrich Lilie, president of Diakonie, one of the largest Christian charities in Germany, which operates asylum seeker housing.

Note that this anti-refugee reaction was seen much before the intermittent terror attacks appeared on European landscape.  In September 2015, alone there were 1,380 extreme-right motivated crimes registered across Germany.

All the circumstantial evidence support that Cologne rape attacks were false flag to end the sympathies of Germans for refugees and they achieve their targets well but it would not be hard to presume that at least two of the four recent violent attacks in Germany are no more than staged attacks under the dubious patronage of the Bavarian premier who is a hidden rival of Merkel and has now openly withdrawn his support to Merkel over the refugee issue.

It should be reminded that the Headquarters of German Intelligence BUNDESNACHRICHTENDIENST (BND) are in Pullach near Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

Although BND is directly subordinated to the Chancellor but it may be complicit in the heinous crime of organizing terrorism theater with German Neo-Nazi parties as strong evidence is available that a Gladio-style operation is in the process in Europe and that sort of operation is not possible without intelligence support.

Reichstag fire, one of the earliest false flag attack of 20th Century which played a pivotal role in the establishment of Nazi Germany

After all Nazi nationalist whose slogans German right wing openly uses have a history of false flag attacks. Reichstag Fire at German Parliament building was a classic example of an absolute false flag when a communist was sentenced to death on the accusation of arson and Germans were made to believe that communists were plotting against Germany. It should not be forgotten that this false flag played a pivotal role in the establishment of Nazi Germany. A Germany that so-called German nationalist longing to see again.

In another false flag, the Nazi regime used polish political prisoners. Prisoners were dressed in Polish military uniforms and they were shot at the German-Polish border. They were shown to announce from the radio station  that Poland has attacked Germany. As it happens in any state sponsored false flag German people believed. It was a German 9/11 which provided an excuse to invade Poland.

 and should tell them that they are crucial for the survival of Europe

In their frenzy against Muslims, Nazi nationalist overlooks the fact that refugees are crucial for the survival of Germany. What most Germans need to understand is that  Merkel’s humanitarian refugee policy is backed by extensive research and linked to a pragmatic investment in Germany’s socio-economic future. But Merkel and other European leaders should also leave the humanitarian rhetoric and phrases like refugee burden and tell their citizens outright about the population crises, Europe is going to face in near future. This is true that refugees are changing the cultural landscape of Europe but it is inevitable and can’t be reversed. Europe should learn to celebrate diversity like Canada for its own survival.

In the end, the crucial question is Cui bono?  Readers decide themselves who is actually benefiting the most from the recent terror attacks in Germany and elsewhere in Europe?


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