Maker of Dreams; Workable Actions – Badri Raina




PROF BADRI RAINA | Caravan Daily

Remember the time when

The hope was rife

That as the operations of lucre

Got cruder and all-encompassing

Crass, out of that critical mass

Of perfidy would be born

A brighter new sun.

While we sang songs of lovely

Inevitability and warm camaraderie,

Cocooned in our conviction

Of  correctness, history, by

Which we swore, was honing

A  far crueler knife than the one

The customary assassin of reason bore.

We were correct on the Left,

They were puissant on the Right;

We clung to love and oneness.

They scored high through fright.

They became cleverer by the day,

We looked for the needle in the hay.

They sang  wicked hosannas

To gods, but worked to capture

The earth; we sang of all things earthy.

But lost in the haze of an idea

That never took birth.


Trumped as we are for now,

And Modified into post-truth,

Do not let us jettison the glow

Of our striving  for some beautiful

Truth; but let not our exertions

Cock a snook at cleverness; let

Us learn to use the weapons our

Enemies use with greater finesse

The purity of thought is often

A great misleader; no book ever

Written has had an ideal reader.

Let us learn to make of dreams

Workable actions; let no faction

Seek to be above all factions.



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