Mahira Khan Calls for International News Coverage on Sudan Massacre

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan.

ISLAMABAD (AFP) — More than 100 people were killed in Sudan following a crackdown on protesters on June 3, according to a committee of doctors, but officials have said the death toll is much lower.

As protesters entered their second week of sit in, reports of a massacre have emerged. As people in Sudan are being raped, beaten, killed and then thrown in the Nile River, many called out international news organisations for not paying much heed to the issue.

Mahira Khan also urged international organisations to give the ordeal proper coverage.

“Why is barely any international news channel giving this proper coverage?” she tweeted. “It’s heartbreaking to read about what’s happening in Sudan and so is the indifference towards it.”

Many have tweeted about the ongoing massacre.

The UN Security Council on Tuesday strongly condemned recent violence in Sudan and called on Khartoum’s military rulers and protest movement to work toward a solution to the crisis.

In a unanimous statement, the council called for an immediate halt on the attacks against civilians and stressed the importance of upholding human rights.

Sudan has been led by a military council since it toppled president Omar al-Bashir on April 11 after months of nationwide protests against his autocratic rule.


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