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Maharashtra Govt Sanctions 179 Waqf Board Posts, New Branches

Superintendents and district Waqf officers await posting despite completing their training

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – In a significant move, the Maharashtra Government has sanctioned a total of 179 posts for the state’s Waqf Board, aiming to enhance its operational efficiency.

Accordingly, various branches will be established at the Board’s headquarters, each to be overseen by a Superintendent. Furthermore, Zilla Waqf Officers will be appointed across different districts.

The sanctioned sections at the headquarters include registration and stores, establishment and judiciary, records, accounts, audit, computer, meeting and hearing, legal, and regional division branches for Kokan, Pune, Nashik, Vidarbha, Aurangabad, and Nanded. Despite these sanctioned positions, the lack of recruitment for superintendents has resulted in a reliance on clerks to manage these branches.

“Currently, only the accounts branch and the divisional branches of Kokan, Pune, Nashik, Vidarbha, Aurangabad, and Nanded have superintendents. The rest are being managed by clerks acting as in-charge,” an official from the Waqf Board said.

Last year, the Maharashtra State Waqf Board conducted a competitive examination to fill 25 posts of superintendent and district Waqf officer. Successful candidates completed their training at the Divisional Revenue Training Centre in Nashik earlier this year. However, the trained officers have not been posted to their respective branches or district offices.

“The trained officers are ready to take up their responsibilities, but they have not been assigned to their positions for reasons unknown,” a newly trained officer remarked. “Clerks continue to oversee the branches and district offices, which affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the Board’s operations.”

This delay has caused administrative strain, particularly in the Marathwada region. “The government needs to expedite the posting process to ensure that the Waqf Board operates smoothly and efficiently. Proper administration at the Registration and Stores Branch, Establishment and Judiciary Branch, and other critical branches is essential,” stressed another Waqf Board official.

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