Maharashtra Govt Allocates 20% of Minority Welfare Funds to Waqf Board


Mufti Manzoor Ziai hails the move as a positive step for minority welfare

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – In a significant move, the Maharashtra government has allocated 20 percent of the funds set aside for the welfare of minorities to the Waqf Board.

Mumbai-based prominent Islamic scholar Mufti Manzoor Ziai has welcomed the decision, noting its potential for enhancing the welfare of the Waqf Board and the minority communities it serves.

“It is a matter of happiness that the government has given 20 percent of the money allocated for the welfare of minorities to the Waqf Board. The funds can now be used better,” Mufti Manzoor said. He emphasised that the decision should not be seen through a political lens, as the funds were already earmarked for this purpose. “It was about to go. So, it is appropriate to release this money,” he added.

The allocation, detailed in a circular issued on Tuesday by Moin Tashlidar, Deputy Secretary in the Maharashtra government, confirms that the Waqf Board will receive Rs 2 crore from the Rs 10 crore budgeted for minority welfare for the financial year 2024-25. Tashlidar assured that the remaining funds will also be distributed to the relevant bodies.

The development follows a visit by the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Waqf, constituted by the Central Government, to Maharashtra from 18 June 2007 to 22 June 2007. The committee inspected the functioning of the Maharashtra State Waqf Board and its properties. Following this visit, the then chief minister promised grants to the board, which has now culminated in the current allocation.

The government has allocated Rs 10 crore in this year’s budget to strengthen the Maharashtra State Waqf Board. This decision is part of the broader commitment to support the board’s activities and improve the management of Waqf properties in the state.

The release of funds marks a step towards fulfilling longstanding commitments and aims to bolster the infrastructure and capabilities of the Waqf Board, ensuring better service to the minority communities in Maharashtra.

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