Madrassas Teaching ‘Objectionable Content’ will be Scrutinised, Says MP Home Minister


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BHOPAL – Madhya Pradesh home minister Narottam Mishra on Sunday said that alleged objectionable content being taught in some madrassas in the state will be scrutinised.

While talking to the reporters, Mishra said the issue of objectionable content being taught in some madrassas has been brought to his attention.

“I have just seen it (the alleged objectionable content) at a cursory glance…We will ask the district collector to get such study material of madrassas scrutinised from the education department to avoid such unpleasant situations,” Mishra said.

However, he didn’t specify which madrassas he was talking about.

Some people have raised objections over certain content being taught in madrassas at a few places in the state. In August this year, Madhya Pradesh Culture Minister Usha Thakur had claimed illegally-run madrassas may be used for human trafficking and a probe must be carried out against such facilities.

“The office-bearers of the children’s commission recently carried out surprise inspections of such illegally-run madrassas. They found that 30-40 children were kept without a healthy environment. There was an insufficient arrangement for food. I fear it may be a case of human trafficking,” Thakur had alleged.


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