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Madhya Pradesh: Mob Brutally Assaults Muslim Family in Chhindwara

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NEW DELHI – A mob of dozens of people including women brutally assaulted a Muslim man named Wajid Ali and his parents when they were on the way to their relatives’s home.

The victims are the resident of Lalgaon village in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district. The Muslim family was travelling with his parents when pre-dominantly Hindu mob stopped him, assaulted them all, dragged the man after tying him to the bike, tore the clothes of his mother.

The incident happened on September 15 when a mob stopped him near Auria village. Amid religious slogans, Ali was allegedly dragged tied to a bike. The clothes of his mother were torn apart & father was thrashed.

The news, though a week old broke on Twitter late on Tuesday evening, September 20.

The assault continued for an hour until Police saved them, said Ali.  In a video clip, Ali alleged that the family was attacked and thrashed owing to their faith. The police has lodged FIR against unknown. “Our Police statements were deliberately changed by cops as the accused belong to the same caste.”

Seeing no action against the attackers, victims approached SP Chhindwara on Sep 17. But even after long hours of complaining, the victims are still waiting for justice, for arrests to happen and investigations to begin.

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