Lyricist Manoj Muntashir’s Anti-Muslim Rants Draw Outrage on Social Media

Bollywood lyricist Manoj Muntashir. — Internet photo

He calls Mughal and other Muslim rulers robbers who waged jihad to kill Hindus

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NEW DELHI – A short clip of Bollywood lyricist Manoj Muntashir in which he is abusing Muslim rulers and denying Muslim history of India in a poetic way has drawn a lot of outrage on social media with some asking him to drop his Urdu surname ‘Muntashir’.

In the video, he called Akbar, Jahangir and other Muslim rulers “dakait” (dacoit) and the one who waged jihad to kill Hindus in India.

“The roads coming to our houses has been named after glorified dacoits like Akbar, Humayun and Jahangir and we kept clapping seeing those opportunists’ politicians cutting the ribbon of those roads. Is the ruler, who murdered 30,000 civilians in the name of Jihad in Chittorgarh, an ideal ruler? Was the ruler who established the meena baazar in front of Agra fort ‘zille-ilahi’ (Shadow of God)? What kind of Shadow of God is this that it’s so dark,” said Manoj.

The short video, which is being shared on social media, is a one-minute clipped part of the 11-minute video which has been uploaded on YouTube. The 11-minute video is full of denigrating remarks against Muslims, Muslim history in India and outlandish claim about history.

He slammed those who called king Akbar’s rule ‘ideal rule’ and asked if Akbar’s rule was ideal, what about Ram Rajya (Lord Ram’s rule). He claimed that under Akbar’s rule, thousands of farmers were hanged for not paying ‘jiziya’.

He expressed objection to some Muslims’ behavior to call the opposition of Mughal and Turk rules as the opposition of Islam. “Wake up! You are not the descendants of Akbar. Your ancestors are the ones who are ancestor of Hindus. Your history is not the one which is of Akbar,” he emphasised addressing Muslims.

He claimed that Afghanistan disowned “lootera” and “their nalayeq aulad” Mahmood Ghaznvi and wiped him out from their history but some Muslims in India consider him “hero”. He further claimed that Afghanistan kept in its history India’s Buddhist ruler Kanish. “Despite being a Muslim country, Afhganistan has hotels and palaces by the name of Kanish,” he said.

He also claimed that Afghanistan has changed its way of worship but not their ancestors. He also claimed that Indonesia, which is Muslim majority country, considers lord Ram as their ancestor.

He also slammed those who do not call Mughal rulers “lootera”. He explained how the Mughal rulers were lootera and cruel who used to unleash barbarity on the civilians.

Glorifying Ram Rajya, he also claimed that people are happy that King Sher Shah Suri built the largest road in the world but they demand evidence when it is said that Ram has built a road over the sea.  He also claimed that Mahrana Pratap did not get defeated in the war of Haldi Ghati.

The long video of Manoj’s rant was not shared on social media but prominent people took notice of the short clip and slammed him for his ‘bigorty’ and hateful remarks against Muslims and its history in India.

Hussain Haidry, who is also a writer, said that Manoj is not making such hateful remarks for the first time and it is also not the last time.

A prominent Twitter user Vaibha Shukla said that if he has a problem with Indo-Islamic history, he should remove his surname like ‘Muntashir’.

Bollywood director Neeraj Ghaywan called his rant “Bigotry laced with casteism”.

Film director Avinash Das called Manoj ‘illiterate’ and reminded him about prominent classical Muslim lyricists.

 Meanwhile, a tweet of Manoj has surfaced in which he is praising Rashtriya Swayansevak Sangh’s chief Mohan Bhagwat. He said he learnt a lot from him which he will share through Youtube videos.



  1. Ignorance of Indian history from a pathetic, bigoted mind. India seems to have been overtaken by these villains. The Mughals built India and united a patchy group of small kingdoms constantly warring with each other into a country naming it al-Hind. Later on the British named it India. The Hindus could not even name their land. They had others to do it for them. The Mughals brought India to the world stage with its super economy highest showing gdp in the world, magnificent architecture, introduction of the finest Turkish, Persian cuisine, literature, poetry, stylish elegant attire sported by all Hindus till today. Mughal rule projected India as a jewel which drew the envy of European nations resulting eventually in the colonisation of the country. So its the British who should be described as dacoits, rogues and murderers considering their sordid record in India. Strange these RSS Hindus do not seem to blame the British who used them to spy on their own fellow citizens and destroy the individuality of the nation. The Mughals lived and developed India and died leaving a, legacy of pride and prosperity as Indians. They did not take the wealth of the land and run away to Central Asia where they originated from. Compare this to the British. Yet these RSS Hindus support the British till today. And the most amusing thing is they love to embrace the Muslim leaders of central Asia, Iran and Turkey today despite knowing that India, was ruled by them. Babur was from Uzbekistan and became the first Mughal emperor to rule India followed by six successive descendants. Ahmed Shah Abdali a, pathan ruler attacked India and won. Yet India loves Afghanis. These RSS are amusingly astrange lot. They seem to be extremely contradictory and illogical in their views about their own history and politics. They admire and worship Hitler but at the same time love and worship Israel. Ne sar ne dum. Bewaqoofon.


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