Lucknow: Burqa Clad Woman Delivers Goods On Foot With Swiggy Bag


LUCKNOW – Someone clicked a picture of a burqa clad woman, with a Swiggy backpack, walking down a road in Lucknow and posted it on the social media.

The photograph went viral within hours and netizens began praising the woman for breaking stereotypes and showing immense grit.

However, no one could make out who the woman was as the pic was taken from behind and did not show her face.

Finally, the truth was revealed and the woman is 40-year-old Rizwana, who is no food delivery agent but works as a domestic help.

“I work as a maid in people’s houses in the morning and evening and manage to earn Rs 1,500. I also work as a hawker and sell disposable glasses and clothing at little businesses and stalls in the market in the afternoon. I receive Rs 2 per packet. In all, I make about Rs 5,000-Rs 6,000 every month. The money keeps the fire in my kitchen burning,” said Rizwana.

Rizwana is a mother of four — 22-year-old Lubna, 19-year-old Bushra, seven-year-old Nashra, and youngest son Md Yashi.

Lubna is married and lives with her in-laws nearby.

The other children live with Rizwana in one room in Janata Nagar Colony.

Her husband, whom she married 23 years ago, left home for good without any warning or notice. He was a rickshaw-puller but after his rickshaw got stolen one day, he took to begging and then just disappeared.

When asked about her Swiggy bag, Rizwana said: “I needed a strong bag to keep disposable glasses and cups. So, I bought it for Rs 50 from a person selling it at the Daliganj bridge. Since then, I have been carrying my stuff in this bag. I do not work for Swiggy. I walk to the market for work carrying all my goods in this bag. I cover about 20-to-25 kms every day.”

Referring to her photograph having gone viral on the social media, Rizwana said: “A shopkeeper showed me the pic and told me how it has gone viral. Following this, a person came to meet me and asked for my bank details. Since the incident, I have received help from a few other people as well and it appears that my life is changing for the better.”

Rizwana, who was apparently unaware of the food delivery services till now, says “people have told me about Swiggy and I would like to take up the job but the problem is that I do not have any mode of transport with me” -IANS


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