Lucknow: Anjuman Islah al-Muslimeen Plans Eviction Notice on Illegal Tenant


The property, initially rented out to the family of Kamlapati Tripathi, is now occupied by Asma Hussain, the wife of a retired IAS officer

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – An eviction notice will be served on a tenant illegally occupying the property managed by Anjuman Islah al-Muslimeen near the Halwasiya building in the Hazratganj area of the Uttar Pradesh capital city of Lucknow.

The decision was taken at a meeting of the executive committee of Anjuman Islah al-Muslimeen at Mumtaz PG College on Thursday. Key members, including the chairman, general secretary, and other members, participated in the meeting.

The property, initially rented out to the family of Kamlapati Tripathi, is now occupied by Asma Hussain, the wife of a retired IAS officer.

“The meeting unanimously decided that the current occupants are illegally holding the property, and eviction notices would be issued to them,” Athar Nabi, General Secretary of Anjuman Islah al-Muslimeen, told Clarion India over the phone.

Asma Hussain Fashion and Technology is the current illegal occupant of the building in the Halwasiya area. “Asma Hussain had written a letter requesting to be made the tenant of the building, but this request was unanimously rejected. Consequently, a notice will be issued to the Kamlapati Tripathi family to explain why they allowed Asma Hussain to become a tenant without proper authorisation. Failure to comply will result in eviction actions, and their tenancy may also be cancelled,” Athar Nabi further elaborated.

The executive committee is resolute in reclaiming the property and ensuring that legal protocols are followed. “We aim to uphold the integrity of our management and ensure that all occupants adhere to legal agreements,” he added.

The Anjuman Islah al-Muslimeen’s firm stance on this issue highlights its commitment to maintaining transparency and legal compliance in property management.

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