Love for Humanity: Muslim Youth Saves Life of a Hindu Girl


Tipu Sultan's quick thinking saves young Monali Kaushal from sure death

Syed Ali Mujtaba

Love for humanity transcends all superficial barriers; caste, sect, region, religion, and political affiliations have no meaning when the progeny of Adam cares for a fellow human being.

One such case is of a young Tipu Sultan from Dewas in Madhya Pradesh. Monali Kaushal, a Hindu girl from the state, sought to end her life by jumping into River Shipra as the world was celebrating the new year earlier this week. Reportedly dumped by her Hindu lover the desperate girl decided to take the extreme step but providence had other plans.  

Tipu Sultan was among the crowd gathered at the mouth of the river and watched Monali jumping into the river. He relied on quick thinking and asked a passing truck for a rope. Trucker Vinod Solanki provided the same and Tipu tied one end of the string with the truck and used the rope to lower himself into the river.

After touching the water, he had to swim a bit holding the rope in his teeth to reach Monali, who was gasping for life. Tipu hugged Monali tightly with hundreds of people watching the daredevil act.

Tipu then gesticulated at the truck driver to move the vehicle so that he and the girl could pull out of the river. 

Some locals helped the duo come to a safe position. They provided first aid to Monali by making her vomit the water she had swallowed and then rushed her to a nearby hospital, where her condition was said to be stable.  

Residents of Dewas hailed Tipu Sultan as a hero. He was garlanded and some youth lifted him on their shoulders. 

In times of religious polarization, this incident highlights the ability of people of different faiths to come together to manage a crisis situation.   

The incident also sparks a debate over the need for individuals to listen to their conscience and defeat the anti-Muslim campaigns run by several Hindutva outfits.  


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