Leaked WhatsApp Chats of ABVP Group Show Students Talking of Muslim Genocide, Mass Sterilisation


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NEW DELHI – Chats leaked from Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP)’s WhatsApp group have surfaced on social media where the students can be seen talking of the genocide of Muslims in the country.

The chat is purported from the ABVP WhatsApp group of Delhi Technological University (DTU). The group is named “ABVP DTU Freshers”, the screenshots of the chat and messages show a number of members of this group discussing genocide and mass conversion of the Muslims.

One of the members in the chat has suggested that exploding a bomb or “other accident” be plotted in a Muslim-dominated area to “exterminate most Muslims”, while another has suggested “buying or kidnapping” Muslim women to run “Bhagwa love jihad”.

Another person who was part of the conversation stated that a mass genocide or mass sterilisation of Muslims should be plotted and carried out to give back to the Muslim community. The same user has also opined that Hindu Mahasabha or other right-wing Hindutva groups should start a course on “hot to marry Muslim girls and convert them to Hindu”.

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