Law Against ‘Love Jihad’: UP Police Biased Against Muslim Men

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In future, the interfaith weddings involving Muslim men will face road blocks in the form of the official red tape, vigilante snooping and police cases

Team Clarion

NEW DELHI — The police action in two recent cases of interfaith marriages in Uttar Pradesh which has come up with an ordinance against such wedlocks clearly proves that the uniformed men are biased against Muslim men.

The Bareilly police, for example, has refused to proceed on the complaint filed under new ‘love jihad’ law by the father of a Muslim woman who has married a Hindu man after conversion, upholding the testimony of the woman who said she got married in September on her free will.

But in Moradabad, the police arrested and jailed a Muslim man for marrying a Hindu woman even as she told the media that she consensually got married with him in July. A report in Indian Express said that in Moradabad, the woman had been placed in a protection home.

In Bareilly, Shahid Mian, father of 22-year-old Alisha had filed an FIR against Sidharath Saxena, alias Aman, for kidnapping his daughter. The FIR also names Anchal, Aman’s sister, and Manoj Kumar Saxena, owner of the firm where Alisha worked.

According to the report, the FIR says that on December 1, Alisha left her home to collect the pending dues from the firm but did not return. The father has claimed the trio used to pressure his daughter to marry Aman.

The police, however, have said that the Bareilly woman testified before the district magistrate that she went with the man on her own and she was under no pressure.

“The girl told us that she married Aman at an Arya Samaj temple on September 29 and that they hid this information from her family. The girl had the marriage documents with her,” Station House Officer Avaneesh Kumar told Indian Express. He added that Alisha told the police she was a major and had not been kidnapped.

The police have said that they have conducted the medical examination of Alisha and also the family had identified her. The police, according to Indian Express, have said that the new law was not invoked because Alisha’s father did not mention conversion in the complaint and that the marriage took place before the new law came into force.

However, the Bareilly woman’s father, ‘Shahid Mian, said he had asked the police to use the new law but they did not listen to him.

But, in Moradabad, the police went by the Hindutva playbook as they arrested 22-year-old Rashid Ali and his brother on the complaint made by the members of a vigilante group, the Bajrang Dal, who accosted the couple inside court premises where they had to register their marriage.

Rashid and his brother were sent to jail for two weeks in judicial custody.

The family of the Hindu girl in this case has complained that she was being “forcibly converted.”

“I got married of my own free will on July 24. This is the fifth month that we have been married,” the woman said.

The contrast in these two cases reveal that the police approach is tilted against Muslim men and in line with the spirit of the bogus campaign of ‘love jihad’ by the Hindu right that led to the recent enactment of the law.

The cases also point out that in future the interfaith weddings involving Muslim men will face road blocks in the form of official red tape, vigilante snooping and police cases.


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