Kolkata slum girl wins Gold in World Karate Championship in Thailand


kolkata-ayeshaOctober 12, 2013

By Zaidul Haque

KOLKATA — Ayesha Noor, the 17 year old girl from a slum in Kolkata whose story was reported here last week, has won the gold medal in `Thai Pitchai International Youth Karate Championship 2013’ in Thailand. She defeated her rival from Japan to bag the Gold medal. The young Indian team overall showed remarkable performance with medals in other events as well.

Ayesha has earlier won two Gold medals in International Karate championships. In 2011 she won the Gold Medal in 15th International Karate Championship (young Group) at Mumbai, where athletes from 16 Countries had participated. She has twice been the national champion in 2011 and 2012.

Her coach, MA Ali said over phone from Thailand, “We had expected Ayesha to win Gold and we are delighted at her performance.”

Thai Marshal World champion Sir Worapin presented the medal to Ayesha. Ayesha’s mother Shakila Begum, who did not have even the money to bear the cost of the trip, said, “It is a gift from the Almighty Allah,” She was thankful to Ayesha’s coach Ali, who according to her, takes care of the young girl like a father.”

Ayesha suffers from epilepsy and is on regular medication, but was drawn into martial art by her brother Mohammad Faruque when she was very young.

Her mother also appreciated the efforts of the TCN in helping generate finance to support the cost of the trip. The story of Ayesha Noor has been incredibly inspiring for the community so far. She lives with her family of total 6 members in a single 8X8 feet room in a Kolkata Khula bari (slum). She lost her father four years ago. Her father Noor Mohammad was a truck driver. Her elder brother Tanveer works as salesman at a roadside hawker’s shoes store and earns about Rs 125 daily. —twocircles.net



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