Khan Sadia Kawsar: A Beacon for the New Generation


Govandi’s Daughter Makes the Country Proud by Pursuing MBBS

Mohammad Alamullah | Clarion India

MUMBAI — In the heart of Govandi, an area grappling with challenges like limited access to education and rising crime, a remarkable tale of triumph emerges. Khan Sadia Kawsar, a resident of this humble locality, is defying odds by pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, thus becoming a shining example for the aspiring youth of her community.

Despite the dearth of quality educational institutions in Govandi, Khan Sadia Kawsar’s journey stands out as an inspiration. A local official highlighted the prevalent issues, noting that the area often makes headlines for crime-related incidents, with little attention from politicians or concrete initiatives from religious leaders to address the root causes. The suggestion to uplift Govandi’s image centers around establishing better educational institutions and providing improved training for the younger generation.

Khan Sadia Kawsar, a second-year MBBS student, is the daughter of Hafiz Alauddin Sahib, a respected figure in the community and a dedicated honey trader. Despite the challenges, Hafiz Alauddin spared no effort in providing religious education to his children. An accomplished computer engineer himself, he played a pivotal role in guiding Sadia towards her academic pursuits.

Sadia’s academic prowess became evident early on, consistently scoring high marks in school. Her remarkable achievement of securing 98.5% in the twelfth examination from the Govt.Jr.College in B. Kothakota, Andhra Pradesh, paved the way for her current pursuit of a medical degree at the Fathima Institute of Medical Sciences in Kadapa.

Khan Sadia Kawsar’s journey symbolises the triumph of determination and hard work. Her success challenges societal stereotypes, proving that with determination, even the daughter of a humble businessman can achieve great heights. Hafiz Alauddin Khan, reflecting on the challenges he faced to support his children’s education, emphasised the importance of unwavering faith in God and the merit of one’s children.

Originally from Basti district, Uttar Pradesh, Hafiz Alauddin Khan is not only a devoted father but also a prominent scholar and supporter of religious institutions. Along with his contributions to organisations like Darul Uloom Deoband and Jamiat Ulema, he maintained a focus on his small honey business, always expressing gratitude for Almighty’sblessings.

Hafiz Alauddin’s advice to parents echoes a belief in the inherent merit of their children. He advocates trust in God and encouragement of the youths, emphasising that success is destined for those who persevere.

In the face of societal challenges and limited opportunities, Khan Sadia Kawsar’s journey serves as a guiding light, illuminating a path of hope and possibility for the new generation in Govandi and beyond.

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