Keep Sickle Ready When Modi Calls for Hindu Rashtra: ‘Jagran’ Singer Incites Hindus


ETAWAH – A ‘Jagran’ singer Dharmendra Pandey has incited Hindus asking them to be prepared to take up arms for a ‘Hindu Rashtra’.

Pandey who performs at ‘jagrans’ said some time ago in Siddhartha Nagar that Hindus should be prepared to respond whenever Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives a call for picking up arms.

“The Prime Minister has tested you by asking you to hoist a flag on your houses, beating thalis and lighting lamps. You should all keep a sharpened sickle in your homes and the sisters should sharpen their tongs – you may need this when Modi ji gives a call for Hindu Rashtra,” Pandey is heard saying in a viral video.

According to reports, Dharmendra Pandey has been making similar provocative speeches in all his jagran performances.

Interestingly, former UP education minister Satish Dwivedi was also present at the event where Dharmendra made this contentious speech. He delivered the speech when the BJP leader was sitting on the stage.

The Siddhartha Nagar police, meanwhile, feigned complete ignorance about the event but said that it had taken cognisance of the speech even though it appears dated.


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