Kashmiri Students Thrashed and Detained in A Punjab College


Caravan News

NEW DELHI — A mob of students thrashed several Kashmiri students of Gulzar Group of Institutions in Ludhiana region of Punjab in Northern India on Sunday afternoon.

A scuffle broke out between students from Kashmir and Bihar in the hostel after a heated exchange of arguments on some trivial matter, a group of Kashmiri students told Caravan Daily.

The matter was initially resolved after the intervention of the hostel warden, according to students. However, they said, that over two hundred students from Bihar barged into the hostel rooms of Kashmiri students and started thrashing them.

“They thrashed us with sticks and threw stones on us,” another student said.

One of the Kashmiri students then called the local police and sought their help. The police arrived on the scene “but instead of taking action against mobsters they arrested some Kashmiri students.”

Two videos related to the incident have gone viral. One shows police action against Kashmiri students. In another video, students can be seen raising slogans against the college administration for “inaction”.

When Jammu and Kashmiri Students Association came to know about the matter, its spokesperson, Nasir Khuehami called Punjab Chief Minister’s office for intervention. “CM’s advisor assured us of all the help,” Khuehami said. “It was after his intervention that the arrested Kashmir students were released.”

The Association demands action against the students involved in the mischief. “If they are left scot-free this time, Kashmiri students would become more vulnerable to such attacks.”

Some Kashmiri students also complained that the college administration is harassing them and asking them to provide contact details of their families for no apparent reason.


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