Kashmiri Man Assaulted by Mob in Gurugram: Motive Not Clear

Kashmiri Youth (blue shirt) thrashed by a group of men outside his office in Gurugram along with Police officer. — IANS

His employer, Policy Bazaar, has pledged to do everything to ensure the safety of its employees

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – A 24-year-old Kashmiri man, returning from work to home in Gurugram, was brutally assaulted by a mob of around 8-10 on Thursday evening. However, the matter was reported to the police only on Friday.

Tariqu Bhat, who works as a financial advisor with Policy Bazaar, a multinational financial technology company, told Clarion India that he was beaten up so brutally that he had collapsed and lost his consciousness.

Narrating the incident, Bhat said that after leaving office, he was trying to hire a bike online through his mobile phone. One person suddenly grabbed him from the back. “When I looked back, I found a group of people,” he said.

“They forcefully closed my eyes, took me to a secluded place and started beating me up. Some hit me in my head. Some were kicking me from the back. Some were hitting from the front,” he said.

Bhat is working at Policy Bazaar for the last some months but living in Gurugram for three years. His office is situated at sector 45 in Gurgaon.

Bhat said that the attackers had a sharp weapon and they tried to hit him with it but it got stuck in the stretchable t-shirt which he was wearing. Hence, they could not beat him with that weapon. In the meantime, he loudly shouted ‘save me, save me’. Most of the people ignored it but two men came to the spot after hearing his cry for help. Later, people from his office also reached there and took them to the office.

“I was only asking him, ‘brothers, who are you and why are you beating me up? What is my crime?’ They did not say anything but were constantly hitting me,” said Bhat.

He said that he did not inform his family in Kashmir’s Kupwara. Police have met him in his office. On Friday when Clarion India talked to him he was on way to Sushant Lok Police station with the policemen to file an FIR in this regard.

Bhat’s friend Javed, who lives with Bhat in Gurugram, told Clarion India that this was the first time they encountered such an incident. The painful situation he is facing after the assault may force him to leave his job and go back home. “He was thinking about his plan to go back to his home after the assault,” he said.

The company has also issued a statement about the incident saying that it will do everything to ensure the safety of its employees.

“We stand in support of our employee, Tariq Bhat & are in constant touch with local authorities to help him. The wellness of our employees is paramount to us & we will do everything possible to ensure the safety of everyone from the Policybazaar family,” said the Policy Bazaar reacting to a post about the incident on Twitter.


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