Karnataka Voters List Scam: Congress Questions Deletion of 27 Lakh Names


The development has assumed importance as Ravi Kumar, the founder of Chilume Institution, is linked to one of the ministers in the state government.

BENGALURU — The Congress unit in Karnataka on Tuesday questioned the state’s ruling BJP government on the deletions of 27 lakh names from the voters’ list.

State Congress President D.K. Shivakumar said that for any addition and deletion, Form 7 is compulsory.

“Without these forms, how were deletions made? Who signed and gave consent to these deletions?” Shivakumar questioned.

“Time was sought to meet the officers of the Election Commission today (Tuesday). The appointment is given for Wednesday. We will file a complaint after meeting the officers,” he added.

There are multiple legal issues regarding the voters list scam. There is no provision for anyone to get the details of voters.

The state has 8,250 election booths. One person has to be deputed for every booth for investigation.

“Along with staffers of Chilume institution, more than 7,000 persons were hired on contract basis. The case must be lodged against all election officers of 28 assembly constituencies,” he said.

Reacting to the confession of arrested persons in connection with the scandal that they have done it under pressure, he maintained that he doesn’t know anything about it.

They should come out and say which officer or politician pressurised them, Shivakumar asserted.

The police have continued grilling the main accused Ravi Kumar, the founder of Chilume Institution.

The development has assumed importance as Ravi Kumar is linked to one of the ministers in the state government.

With his arrest, the total number of arrested persons has increased to five.

Ravi Kumar had gone missing after police started a crackdown on his organisation, accused by the Congress of stealing of voters’ data in the pretext of revision of the list.

Congress Campaign Panel chief M.B. Patil has stated that the party would submit a complaint regarding the scandal in another two days with the Election Commission. — IANS


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