Karnataka: Guarantees Are Not Mere Schemes, But Models of Governance, Says Rahul Gandhi


MYSURU — Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said that the five guarantee schemes implemented by the Congress government in Karnataka are not mere schemes but are models of governance.

The five guarantee schemes include free travel for women across the state, free 10 kilograms of rice for all BPL card holders’ family members, free power up to 200 units for all households, Rs 2,000 monthly allowance for women heads and monthly allowances for fresh unemployed graduates, diploma holders. Barring the last one, the Congress government has implemented all the schemes. 

Addressing a massive rally at the launch event of the Griha Laxmi scheme in Mysuru city, Rahul Gandhi said: “We know the governments are for the poor and exploited. No one should remain backward. They may belong to any caste or religion we decided to take them along. The schemes implemented by us are role models for the whole country.”

He said that few leaders in Delhi claim that the guarantee schemes won’t be implemented at all.

“We had decided to provide Rs 2,000 for every woman heads of family, to provide free power to all households. We thought our women should travel freely across the state without fear. When the announcement was made, the opposition claimed that it’s impossible. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself said that the assurances can’t be fulfilled. But, today, the truth is before the people,” Rahul Gandhi said.

He said that the scheme launched today for providing Rs 2,000 cash every month through direct transfer to the accounts of women heads of families is the biggest scheme ever implemented in the world.

“You can use the given allowance for any purpose. It can be used for daily expenditure, children’s education, it is up to you. The proud feeling of keeping the promised words is enough for us.”

“I proudly tell you that you are responsible for the development of this state. You can speak to any leader of Congress. We will never make false promises. If it is not possible, we will openly share it. If it is possible, then we will take up any ordeal to fulfill the promise,” he said.

The guarantees are not the idea of Congress leaders or think tanks. It is also not a corporate concept. These are the ideas that emerged when people shared their hardships during the Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi said that, during the Bharat Jodo Yatra he had interacted with thousands of women. “I had walked 600 kilometres in Karnataka state. I found that people are suffering from inflation. The women are most affected after the rise in prices of petrol, diesel and LPG cylinders. The women shared that they can’t bear the rising prices. I understood that women are the primary foundation of the state. Just like the tree is unable to stand without roots, the society can’t stand without women. Your (women) empowerment is our primary objective,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Rahul Gandhi said that among the five guarantee schemes, four were conceptualised keeping women in consideration.

“Like Rs 2,000 was deposited into your accounts today, likewise every month this amount will be credited. This is our guarantee,” Rahul Gandhi. — IANS


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