Karnataka Govt Stops Releasing Funds for Renovation of Temples if Work is Not Undertaken


The Karnataka government's decision has led to widespread condemnation by Hindu organisations and the BJP.

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BENGALURU — The Karnataka’s Hindu Religious Institutions and Charitable Endowments Department has passed a decision to stop releasing funds for renovation and development work of temples in the state and has already issued the order to all the District Commissioners.

The Karnataka government’s decision has led to widespread condemnation by Hindu organisations and the BJP.

The order says that funds will not be released if renovation work is not undertaken in temples, as well as if the administrative approval is given for releasing of 50 per cent of the funds, it should also be withheld.

If there is any proposal for administrative approval, it should also be withheld, the order further states.

Slamming the development, former Minister for Muzrai and Waqf and BJP MLA Shahikala Jolle said the decision will not honour the state government.

“I condemn the move of the government to withhold the funds for temples. The government should not see temples with a prejudiced mindset. It is the duty of the government and minister to release the funds allotted during the previous BJP government.

“The government should take back the decision. The temples in the state should be renovated and they should be developed. If not, the government will have to face staunch protests.

The order has stirred a controversy as most of the temples in the state are almost always filled with devotees after the launch of free travel scheme. The donations have also doubled. — (With inputs from IANS)

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