Karnataka Govt Bans ‘Hamare Baarah’, Says It May Disturb Communal Harmony


BENGALURU – The Congress government in Karnataka has banned the release of the controversial Bollywood movie ‘Hamare Baarah’ in the state, alleging that it may disturb communal harmony.

The order, signed by B.K. Bhuvanendra Kumar, the Under Secretary of the government, also issues a directive not to broadcast the trailer of the movie for two weeks or until further orders. The order is given under Sections 15 (1) and 15 (5) of the Karnataka Cinema (Regulation) Act 1964.

It said Muslim organisations across various districts and taluks in the state have sought a ban on the movie. The organisations claimed that Zee Media recently released a trailer of ‘Hamare Baarah’ in which the Muslim religion is portrayed in a “humiliating manner” and the trailer is “provocative”.

“If permission is granted for the movie, it will create rifts between religions and castes. Targeting one religion intentionally, harming communal harmony, creating rifts in the nation, and hurting the sentiments of Muslims is part of a conspiracy,” the order said.

Films should play an instrumental role in guiding society and not foment hatred between religions, it said. In this context, a request has been made to prevent the release of the controversial movie ‘Hamare Baarah’, scheduled for countrywide release on June 7 including in Karnataka, the order said.

When the trailer of the movie was reviewed, it was found that the producer and director of the film had misinterpreted the Holy Quran and its messages. Provocative and humiliating statements are made, seemingly intended to enrage people belonging to certain religions. It also appears that the creators have tried to portray one community in a humiliating manner. Analysing one community based on religion is an issue that will affect the well-being of society, the order said.

“If the release of ‘Hamare Baarah’ is allowed, it will encourage breaches of peace, create rifts between communities, and intentionally humiliate a particular religion. The scenes are also found to be insulting to women,” the order stated. Before banning the film, it is required to get clarification as per the law. However, director Kamal Chandra and the producers are located in another state.

“Since there was no time to issue a notice and get clarification before the movie’s scheduled release, and considering the potential for communal clashes in the state, it was banned,” the order said. –IANS

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