Karnataka: BJP MP Slammed for Scolding Woman on not Wearing ‘Bindi’ on Women’s Day


BENGALURU – Karnataka BJP MP from Kolar, S. Muniswamy has been slammed for scolding a woman for not wearing a ‘bindi’ on her forehead at a public function held in the district on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

The BJP MP was captured on camera questioning the woman for not wearing a ‘bindi’ despite her husband being alive. The Karnataka Congress had slammed the MP, saying that his attitude is an example of the saffron party’s culture.

Muniswamy while visiting several stalls put up by women stopped at a stall run by a woman selling clothes.

Pointing that she is not wearing a bindi, the MP allegedly questioned her.

“Who allowed you to put up a stall here? Where is your bindi? Is your husband still alive? Isn’t he?” the MP asked the woman.

The BJP leader later advised the woman to wear a bindi. Later, his followers taking advantage of the situation said that the woman lacked common sense for not wearing a bindi.

The Opposition Congress slammed the BJP-led state government for its regressive attitude towards women while highlighting that the incident had taken place on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

Karnataka Congress took to Twitter and said, “BJP MP is questioning why is a women not wearing a bindi. Before questioning women, BJP should answer why the party had not demanded compensation for floods? Why no questions on pending GST dues? Why no questions raised when injustice is meted out to Karnataka and Kannadigas?”

The Opposition Congress added: “Daughter of a BJP Mahila leader can wear jeans and run a ‘Silly Souls Beef Cafe’; the children of BJP leaders can flaunt modern outfits and carry out business in foreign countries, but, Manusmriti is only for children of others.” -IANS


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