Kapil Mishra Slammed for Making Lewd Comments on Safoora’s Pregnancy

BJP leader Kapil Mishra

Waquar Hasan | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Controversial BJP leader Kapil Mishra, who has been accused of instigating Delhi violence, has been slammed for passing lewd remarks against Jamia Millia student Safoora Zargar’s pregnancy.

Safoora is under detention. She has been arrested by the Delhi police, amid the Corona lockdown, on a trumped-up charge of conspiracy to carry out violence during the recent riots in Delhi. Her arrest evoked a lot of outrage in the country while the Amnesty International called it “cruel and brutal” crackdown.

alluding to the pregnancy of Safoor, Mishra, who has a penchant for issuing communally loaded statement against Muslims, remarked that his speech did not make her pregnant.

In a tweet, Congress leader Salman Nizami questioned the arrest of Safoora saying the pregnant woman has been jailed but Mishra who incited the riot is free.

“Activist Safoora Zargar (pregnant) is in Jail during Ramadan, hatemongers like Kapil Mishra who incited riots are FREE. Crime of being a Muslim in Modi’s INDIA. Have some SHAME! #ReleaseSafooraZargar,” tweeted Nizami.

Reacting to his tweet, Mishra, who is well-known for his hate speeches, made lewd comment on the pregnancy of Safoor saying that his speech did not make her pregnant.

Mishra’s lewd comments drew outrage from Twitteratti. He was lambasted by social media users for making such comments.

Eminent activist Kavita Krishnan called Misra a “pervert” for making such “disgusting comments” on a lady.

Slamming Mishra, political activist Sharjeel Usmani said that if a leader uses such language, it shows what kind of ideology he represents.

Reacting to Mishra’s comment, Women activist Sucheta De said that if women leaders of the BJP, Smriti Irani, Nirmala Sitharaman and Shazia Ilmi, have shame left, they should demand the expulsion of Mishra from the party.

“Kapil Mishra’s tasteless tweet about Safoora Zargar is just the tip of the iceberg of the disgusting way in which banter on the Sanghi social media platforms has been responding to the very valid concerns for Safoora Zargar’s condition in prison, arising from the fact of her pregnancy. Last heard, it was neither a crime, nor a matter of shame for a woman to be pregnant in India. Or has even that changed in Modi’s regime,” she said in a Facebook post.



  1. Kapil Mishra you are damn cheap idiot, you deserve a harsh and painful punishment for whatever you are doing……

  2. Why is it hate if Kapil Mishra ssys something obnoxious and not when Rsna Ayub Saba Naqi and the whole jehadi liberal entourage speak gatbage about India its indigenous people its cukture history etc.

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