Kangana Ranaut Receives Backlash on Social Media for Opposing Reservation


Actress Kangana Ranaut at the lunch of a song from upcoming film “Manikarnika” in Gurugram on Jan 15, 2019. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

For opposing the reservation system, Kangana faced considerable backlash for her shifting stand on Sushant’s death and her changing statements and opinion as suited to the circumstances

 Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, known for her extreme articulation in the industry over prevailing nepotism in the industry, again became a subject of discourse. On Monday, a hashtag to boycott Kangana remained a trending one after she refused to accept that the ‘caste system’ still exists.

The actress was slammed for her tweets on the caste system as she reacted to a tweet of Shekhar Gupta, founder of The Print, which mentioned that Isabel Wilkerson’s book ‘Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents’ was making noise internationally but not in India.

Kangana tweeted, “The caste system has been rejected by modern Indians. In small towns, everyone knows it’s not acceptable anymore by law and order; it’s nothing more than a sadistic pleasure for few; only our constitution is holding on to it in terms of reservations, Let Go Of It, Let’s Talk About It.”

In support of her views against reservation, she further added, “Especially in professions like doctors, engineers, pilots, most deserving people suffer reservations; we as a nation suffer mediocrity and brilliance finds a reluctant escape to The United States.. Shame.”

An Ambedkarite activist confronted Kangana reminding her of the fight against nepotism in Bollywood. He tweeted, “Crying on nepotism and silence on casteism shows your double stand. Just as Nepotism prevents OUTSIDERS, Casteism prevents OUTCASTES. Fight against both. N next, quota doesn’t kill merit but ensures opportunity for oppressed communities in nation building. Got it @KanganaTeam?”

In her reply to an activist, the actress said, “Sorry sir but there are many ways of uplifting the oppressed other than gifting them the ranks they don’t qualify for, learn to earn your worth that’s what I stand for, reservation works on the same law as nepotism, undeserving gets the job coz of which Nation suffers, SIMPLE.”

A number of netizens drew an analogy between her stand on nepotism and casteism. A twitter user said, “#KanganaRanaut Caste system has been rejected by modern Indians, it means nepotism has been also rejected, why are you crying about it and begging everywhere boycott nepotism, because you feel inferior on that platform, that’s why you making propaganda @HansrajMeena  #bycottkangana”.

For opposing the reservation system, Kangana faced considerable backlash for her shifting stand on Sushant’s death and her changing statements and opinion as suited to the circumstances. The All India Students’ Association (AISA), a political students’ organisation, also questioned Kangana’s stand.

The official handle, using hashtag #Boycott_Kangana, tweeted quoting Dr. Ambedkar. It said, “How can anyone justify the caste system which divides people and discriminates on the basis of birth? Caste, as Ambedkar said, is ‘anti-national’ & anyone arguing in favor of caste or justifying caste is ‘anti-national’ as well as anti-constitution. #Boycott_Kangana”.


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