JIH Welcomes Formation of Telangana State



Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, AP & Orissa, has welcomed the resolutions of Congress Working Committee and UPA Coordination Committee to proceed with the formation of Telangana State, calling it “the victory of people of Telangana.”

A statement issued by the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, AP & Orissa on 31 July runs inter alia:

“We hope and demand to expedite the process by getting the bill passed in both the houses of Parliament in Monsoon Session and getting the bill enacted by Presidential Approval, without further delay. We also demand to get all the issues related to the division of state, settled at the earliest, amicably and with justice to all. Since some key issues are yet to be clarified, we hope and demand that the new state will have its original historical form with Hyderabad being its integral part and the capital.

“The Telangana Movement has been a historic movement embodying the noble ideals of untiring and peaceful struggle. We appreciate the fact that the movement, despite being so emotive and close to the hearts of people, has been successful in averting any kind of violence, hatred, and regional chauvinism and has been, by and large, highly peaceful and democratic struggle. From the depth of our hearts, we congratulate the people of Telangana, the students, the peasants and farmers, the academicians and intelligentsia, the employees, the women, the social organisations, the religious leaders and all those who have been instrumental in sustaining the struggle for so long. We pay homage to all those who sacrificed their lives for the cause. We hope and pray that the new states of Telangana and Andhra will bring new dawns in the lives of people of both the regions and will succeed in realising the long cherished aspirations of people.

“Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, an influential organisation with the widest network among Muslims, has been supporting the demand and struggle for a separate state. Jamaat regarded the statehood to Telangana as an effective strategy to curtail the backwardness of the region and to grant People of Telangana their due rights and justice. Jamaat has been an active force in the struggle throughout its course and has organised several huge rallies and garjanas in Hyderabad and other Telangana cities for the cause of Telangana. Jamaat’s huge following and large attendance in its several Telangana Garjanas prove that the demand of Telangana is the demand of all sections of society and Muslims of the region are equally enthusiastic about it.

“People did not want Telangana just to add one more state to the list. They wanted Telangana for justice. As the formation of Telangana is for justice, therefore its prime agenda, its identity and its distinction should also be the values of justice and equity. The new Telangana State should be the true manifestation of this commitment and should fully accomplish the aspirations of all sections of the Telangana Society. We hereby reiterate and reinforce the historic Telangana Declaration that was passed by the huge assemblage of people of the region in the Telangana Garjana held by Jamaat at Nizam College Ground in February 2010. We want this declaration to be the basis of the policy of the new state.

“We appeal to all to keep alive the spirit of Telangana Struggle. This struggle has never been against the people of any region. In the new state, lives and properties of people of all regions should be protected. No one should feel insecure in Telangana and people of Telangana will celebrate their moment of achievement with the same humility, peace, love and humanity. Telangana has the historical record of communal amity and peace and people of Telangana will neither tolerate any communal disturbance nor allow the rise of communal forces. We appeal to all sections of society to forget all past differences and now that the new states of Telangana and Andhra have become a reality, let us accept it wholeheartedly and join hands together to build these new states as real abodes of peace, development, justice, equality and fraternity. For Jamaat, the Telangana struggle was the struggle for certain principles and Jamaat will continue its struggle to make the new state exemplify these principles.”


Realising that the Telangana Movement is the movement against injustice, oppression and exploitation, we the people of Telangana hereby affirm our firm commitment to the values of justice and equity. We stipulate that the new Telangana State should be the true manifestation of this commitment and should fully accomplish the aspirations of all sections of the Telangana Society. To make this state an ideal place to live in and prosper, we hereby declare:

1. That Telangana should emerge as an effective model of a welfare state. Major focus of its policy should be on the poor, deprived and downtrodden. The new state should be the first state in India to recognise Right to Livelihood as a legally recognised right.

2. That equitable distribution of the resources should be a key policy directive of Telangana. The new state should have legally binding parameters to ensure proper balance in the developmental spending on different regions, different communities and classes and between rural and urban areas.

3. That an effective mechanism should be put in place right from the beginning to check the hegemony of privileged classes. Telangana should give quotas to Muslims in education, jobs, contracts, schemes, public spending and other power centres on par with existing provisions for backward classes.

4. That equal participation of all classes and the voice to the voiceless should be the mantra of the new state. Telangana should give proportionate representation to different communities in all such statutory, local governance and administrative bodies that come under the purview of the state government.

5. That Telangana should have more professional, people-friendly, just, and law-abiding Police Force. The new state should implement the recommendations of Police Commissions and related SC directives.

6. That there should be no place in the new state for regional or any kind of chauvinism. Every citizen of India should have full rights to live and prosper in the new state so that an atmosphere is created wherein business and economy flourishes and its benefits reach to every citizen.

7. That in continuation with its age-old heritage, Telangana should be the best reflection of communal harmony and unity in diversity. Communal forces should be curbed with an iron hand and peace, security, dignity and well-being should be ensured to all communities. The new state should have more stringent law to check the menace of communal hatred and communal riots.

8. That Telangana should carry out extensive efforts to promote proud culture of Telangana rooted in its age-old composite heritage. Recognising the significance of Urdu as a vital source of this heritage, and that a sizeable population speaks Urdu, Urdu should be made an official language along with Telugu.

9. That state should adopt alcohol-prohibition policy and should ensure protection of women and their dignity.

10. That to ensure transparency and efficiency in the bureaucratic functioning Telanagana should have more effective RTI act, e-governance system and the stringent and fool-proof laws to handle corruption in the governmental functioning.

11. That Telangana should have its own Wakf Act that should enable the establishment of a powerful and representative Wakf corporation, legally mandatory periodical survey, transparency of Wakf Records and teeth to Wakf Corporation to take possessions over its properties. This grand conference of the people of Telangana hereby calls upon all the people, parties and leaders to endorse this resolution and work unitedly and spiritedly towards its full implementation and towards founding a new state based on justice, values and development.

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