Javed Yusuf of Bihar’s Gaya Shows Perennial Passion for Classic Cars


Lawyer and car enthusiast keeps the legacy of vintage vehicles alive

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NEW DELHI – In a world where modern luxuries dominate, Javed Yusuf stands out as a beacon of history and tradition. A renowned lawyer from Chatta Masjid in Bihar’s Gaya, Yusuf is also an ardent enthusiast of vintage cars, maintaining a collection that includes rare and historic automobiles. His dedication to preserving these treasures has not only kept them in pristine condition but also earned him accolades from various dignitaries.

Yusuf’s passion for old cars is evident in his prized possession, a 1938 orange and white Skoda Model 420 Popular H. This vehicle, boasting a 20 hp engine, is not just a relic of the past but a fully functional car that Yusuf occasionally drives. “The Skoda was imported by my grandfather from Czechoslovakia after 1932,” Yusuf  said. “At that time, it was the only car in Magadh Commissionerate.”

The Skoda, originally purchased for 1,200 pounds (approximately 14,400 Indian rupees at the time), features a rear-mounted air-cooled flat-four engine, designed by Karel Hrdlicka and Vsevolod Korolkov. Notably, it includes a lever for automatic greasing of all four wheels, a feature that underscores the advanced engineering of its time. “Even today, the car is in perfect condition, although I drive it cautiously at a speed of 30 to 40 km/h due to the non-availability of spare parts,” Yusuf explained.

Yusuf’s collection also includes a 1965 Ambassador, a car bought by his father for 20,000 rupees from a showroom. “The Ambassador, with its registration number BRB 111, holds sentimental value for me as it represents both an era of automotive evolution and my family’s heritage,” he said.

Beyond personal enjoyment, Yusuf’s dedication to vintage cars has seen him participate in various exhibitions. He is a member of the Vintage and Classic Car Association Bihar, founded by Syed Shah Nair Hussain, a former judge of the Patna High Court. “In 2012, I drove my Skoda from Gaya to Patna for an exhibition organised by Justice Nair Hussain,” Yusuf recounted. “It was an honour to be part of an event that showcased the grandeur of historical vehicles.”

Yusuf’s commitment extends to the upkeep of these vehicles, despite the challenges. “Maintaining these cars is a laborious and costly affair,” he admitted. “Spare parts are hard to come by, and each repair requires meticulous attention.” Yet, his passion remains undeterred. “This hobby is expensive and annoying, but it is one that brings immense joy and a sense of pride in preserving history.”

As pre-independence artifacts are increasingly becoming rare, Yusuf’s dedication serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving our past. His efforts not only keep these automotive treasures alive but also inspire others to appreciate the rich history they represent. As he continues his journey, Yusuf remains a testament to the enduring allure of vintage cars and the stories they carry.

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