Jamiat Condemns the Gruesome Murder of Two Muslim Men in Haryana


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NEW DELHI – Maulana Mahmood Madani, President Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, has expressed his shock and grief at the recent incident in Bhiwani, Rajasthan, in which Nasir, aged 25, and Junaid, aged 35, residents of Ghatmika village in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, were allegedly abducted by members of the right-wing Hindu organisation Bajrang Dal on Wednesday 15 February 2023. Later their charred bodies were found inside a burnt vehicle near Loahru town in Haryana’s Bhiwani district.

In a statement on Saturday, Jamiat said “this is not an isolated case, before this, another young man named Waris, a resident of Hussainpur village in Haryana’s Mewat district was also killed on the same lines on 28 January 2023. All these incidents of hatred and crimes against the Muslim minority community are a pointer towards polarising and creating a vitiating atmosphere in the country, where in the past, Akhlaq Khan, Pehlu Khan (April 1, 2017, Rajasthan), Asif Khan, Nuh Haryana, Junaid Khan (June 22, 2017, Khandawali village in Ballabhgarh district Haryana), Rahul Khan (December 15, 2021, Sarai Khatela village in Haryana), were also allegedly killed by the right-wing elements’.

The Muslim group pointed out that what perplexes one is that in spite of the accused being named and police cases lodged against them. It has been observed that those who identify themselves as cow protectors, often function under the patronage of the state administration and police, who instead of taking any action against them, usually protects them.

Maulana Madani further said that it is also a fact that if someone from the minority community expresses his or her opinion, then he or she is branded as an anti-national or even a terrorist, and the state machinery hounds them. Whereas in the current case, two innocent people have been burnt alive but the state police have chosen to file a case against them under minor provisions of the law, which shows the dual standards of the government towards different sections of society and its dual judicial process too.

Madani also said that such inhuman, barbaric, and uncivilised acts can’t be tolerated in any society, particularly the one which professes to be the largest democracy in the world. In view of this, it becomes imperative for our elected government to formulate a judicial process which under the provisions of the Indian Constitution makes such acts highly and immediately punishable.

“Further, the police forces of Haryana and Rajasthan through their actions have proved once again that it is protecting those people who are hell-bent on destroying the social, communal, and coexistent fabric of the country. It takes no action against those elements who harass the minority community through murderous acts, spraying bullets on them, and who further flaunt their muscle power by posting social media posts showing their proximity to the police and powers that be,” he said.

In a letter addressed to the central government, Maulana Madani has urged the government to take immediate and appropriate steps to ensure that the accused are apprehended at the earliest and they are tried under the due process of the law. Steps should also be taken against those policemen who are involved in perpetuating this case. Jamiat further demands the Central government to take immediate action in this regard and direct the state police to arrest and prosecute those named in the incident and give details of the action taken in the cases reported in the past, in addition to an immediate Judicial Enquiry of the matter and rehabilitation measures for the affected family.

Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind said that a delegation headed by the Secretary General of the Jamiat, Maulana Hakimuddin Qasmi, met the family of the victims and assured them of Jamiat’s legal aid to the victims’ family.


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