Jamia Bans Student Activist Chanda Yadav’s Entry Into Campus

Chanda Yadav.

With her entry into the campus banned, Yadav is now worried about her admission in the university for higher studies

Mohd Aasif | Clarion India

NEW DELHI – In a surprise move, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), a front-ranking central university, has banned the entry of Chanda Yadav, one of its radiant student activists, who had played an active role in mobilising girl students to participate in the movement against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019 last December.

Months after the pandemic-induced lockdown, the varsity administration allowed its students to enter the campus for office-related work. Yadav was on her way to collect her mark-sheet from the Hindi Department office in the evening last week when she was asked to leave the varsity campus by a JMI guard.

She told Clarion India that she was still a student of the university as she was yet to receive her final year mark-sheet. “Guards told me that my entry inside the campus was banned. However, I told them that I am still a student,” said Yadav.

With the intent of further clarification, she went to proctor’s office. “I could not meet the proctor but office staff made it clear that she was not allowed to enter the premises”, she said.

With her entry into the campus banned, Yadav is now worried about her admission in the university for higher studies. When she expressed her fear that the administration was trying to prevent her admission to the varsity, the staff inside the proctor’s office laughed out loud.

Jamia Chief Proctor Waseem Ahmad Khan said that no student was particularly banned. “No student is allowed inside the campus unless they have official reasons”, he said.

On a chilling December night when it was raining cats and dogs, everyone had taken shelter inside their homes. But Yadav, along with other students, went from one hostel to another shouting slogans ‘Hum desh bachane nikle hain, aao hamare sath chalo‘ (We are out to save the country, come, join us).

At a recent webinar, JMI and other top central universities discussed ways to enforce discipline and drew a distinction between students “interested” in academics and “rowdy elements” with a different “mindset” and vested interests. Jamia Chief Proctor Waseem Ahmad Khan had then opined that “indisciplined” students have a “different mindset and have nothing to do with their studies” and steps should be taken to curb their “deviant behaviour”.


  1. The Anti National students should be kept as prisoners for rectification and get labour job tieing steel chain on legs for 3/4 hrs everyday . Remember those students supports to convert India either a Pak country or Chinese country. Nothing say about Islam as Taliban and to say China killed 10000 ( ten thousand ) student protesters at Tien un mein Square in 1984. These students I believe are getting money from foreign terrorists org to create destabilisation of the country instigated by either Congress , or CPM or SP party or Islamic foundations

  2. This is barbarism. The government is denying a beti her basic rights while loudmouth 56incher rants ‘beti bachao, beti badhao’


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